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Meltdown in aggieland


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This is going to be the national story of the day their already discussing this on Mike & Mike and an OTL is going to discuss it 😂😂😂😂 it's going to be a good day


I listened to it and they said basically the point I have been making for years on here and elsewhere. 


The whole idea of "commitment" in college football is a farce. 


The verbal commitment by both the recruits and the coaches can change in a minute. Now some of these coaches push the kids to commit by saying "We are recruiting X amount of WR or OL, and if you don't want to be involved, let us know but we'll move on after a certain date." 


Even if they commit (which if you see, it's mostly 3 stars committing early taking the offer), the offer can be pulled up until signing day. The system sucks so why fans think the players should commit when the coaches don't is completely crazy. So this talk of loyalty when there is no loyalty in the game is laughable.  

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Grist for the mill courtesy of texaggy.



A&M as we know it is dead. It's no coincidence that their downfall shadowed that of their hero Manziel. As his career crashed and burned, so did A&M's reputation. It's pretty bad when your coach is begging for an NFL job that he is wholly unqualified for to get away from the dumpster fire he's created while running this program.


I leave you with a beautiful montage of the A&M football we used to know

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