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Game Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My buddy was at a dinner event last night that Shaka and Charlie attended. Charlie told a couple of stories, but I liked hearing this one the most. A couple weeks ago, Charlie received a call from Sha

I have to say, I'm pretty stoked about the OL talent we have now assembled. We are where we've wanted to be for years now, but were never able to even get halfway there. The talent is not "shovel-read

Tracking the Longhorns: Player Media Availability [Aug. 23, 2016]


Linebacker Malik Jefferson 

On where his game is at now compared to last year: 
Wiser. I feel like I learned from the older guys and what they've taught me is that I can catch the speed of the game and slow down my base and I think that's what was important for last year. I learned how to not take as much pressure on my shoulders and learned that I have a team and that we're all going to do it together.

On how feels more comfortable taking on more of a leadership role on the team this year: I can say that. The older guys have really helped me out as well. I think that there is a lot more of my leadership this year. There's a lot of leadership on all three phases of the defense and of course the offense as well. Guys are really coming together and understanding we're coming for one common goal. There's no selfishness or anything like that. 

On how his confidence in the program is higher now than a year ago: We've all come together. This whole summer we've been working really hard and we put the time in to actually get to know each other and everybody's been mentoring these young guys so its been a very comfortable thing.

On his lasting memory from the Notre Dame game last year: I was walking off the field and feeling like nothing was accomplished. And I think that's the worst feeling, I know I had a lot of success that game but that didn't mean anything to me. We still lost and that was my focus.

On if he thinks a Notre Dame win would get the ball rolling for the team: I think so. And that's what we're trying to live off of but it won't make or break us. It's something were just going to have to keep on doing, get used to winning. And that's a big part about this. It's a stepping-stone for us. It's our opportunity.

On the mentality of the team considering the doubt surrounding them: Everyday we know there are people that doubt us and we know we have to come out there and focus everyday on what we do. And I think a lot of this year we aren't worried about what other people say because that's what is in the past and what people say is what people say. It's word of mouth. They don't know what's happening. And I think the biggest thing for us this year is to not worry about what other people say.

On what being the Big 12 Preseason Defensive Player of the Year means to him: Nothing. Honestly. I didn't think about it last year whenever I got the award and I still don't think about it right now because its in the past what I did last year. And this year hasn't even begun so nobody knows what's going to happen with me and that award is an award and it's a defensive award for my team and if it ever happens then I will congratulate my teammates because I didn't do it myself. 

On being vocal about social issues: That's big because I think as a leader and especially having a platform that football players do, it's something that we need to be involved in. And a lot of guys had something to say about it but of course I'm the one who's going to speak out and stuff like that. And I didn't have my facts together obviously but I try to help people understand my point. I understand that it's carry concealed and if I see a gun on campus that I'm supposed to contact the police. And just being a part of the University I want everybody safe and something like that is very big on our campus and I don't want any issues.

Wide Receiver Jerrod Heard

On the transition to wide receiver:
 The transition is going good. Right now I'm enjoying it, loving every minute of it. It's just a learning thing every day. I didn't fight against it. Really I was ready for the transition myself, so I felt like it would be a positive thing for me and for my future. So I was all for it and ready to go.

On trying to avoid sitting on the bench: I did it for a whole year so I got to feel how it feels. Redshirting is different, but it's a humbling thing and you do want to do things to get yourself out there. With my situation, I made that transition. I do feel like I've got to be out there. I do feel like I've got to contribute to this team and just be in that depth as a reliable guy.

On having confidence in the other quarterbacks: That's the thing, when you have a quarterback like we've got, just depth-wise, it doesn't matter who can go out there and play. I have total faith in those guys, so I can go play receiver or go play anything and I know they can put the ball in my hands.

On the challenges during the second part of last season: I guess that's the game of football. I totally believe this year we're going to experience a lot of things like that as well where we're just going to have to bounce back. I feel like we're strong enough to do those things this year.

On whether the new offense will be as much of a game changer as people expect: Yeah, definitely. There's so much stuff that we do with this offense, personnel-wise and scheme-wise. It's unreal what we do now. I'm ready to go and ready to see how it all plays out and excited.

On smack talking without the protection of the black jersey anymore: The day they took the black jersey away, I'm not going to lie, I was kind of scared because the DBs, they loved it. And the linebackers loved it. I remember, I think it was Malik [Jefferson] and Tim Cole, they were like they've been praying for this day. That day, it was pretty intense. I got hit a few times and I got to lay some hits on them. It was real fun though.

On whether he is a good receiver now: I feel like I'm really coming into my game and the style of receiver that I wanted to be. And for my use of going out there and playing receiver, I just want to be that reliable receiver for those quarterbacks to throw to.

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