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Game Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My buddy was at a dinner event last night that Shaka and Charlie attended. Charlie told a couple of stories, but I liked hearing this one the most. A couple weeks ago, Charlie received a call from Sha

I have to say, I'm pretty stoked about the OL talent we have now assembled. We are where we've wanted to be for years now, but were never able to even get halfway there. The talent is not "shovel-read

Per Higs:


Big Weeks Ahead.......Here We Go......#LETSRIDE



"The next few weeks are going to be big for Texas. The work put in now will impact/influence what happens on NSD in February. Today should be all about putting the finishing touches on each coaches respective schedule starting on Sunday.....You will see the staff hit the road hard over the next few weeks. You will also see them during the evaluation period hit Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and obviously Texas above all else... you will see only a few with offers not get visits from the staff ---other than that expect every kid with an offer to get a visit from a Texas coach....Those are not the kids I am most interested in hearing about but the ones they go watch without offers as of today......"



Higs, J. (2016). http://www.scout.com/college/texas/forums/2441-horns-house/14703564-big-weeks-ahead-here-we-go-letsride

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Comments from Charlie Strong during Big 12 spring teleconference
Tracking The Longhorns: Charlie Strong Big 12 Teleconference
On priorities before fall camp: Number one, we have to start up front with the offensive and defensive lines. We are thin right now on the defensive line and we are counting on a lot of guys who are coming in to help us. We have to get better because if you can't stop people you have no chance. Then, on the offensive line you have to be able to move people. You look at guys like (Patrick) Vahe, Conner (Williams) and (Kent) Perkins who have been around and then (Zack) Shackelford is a guy who has come in and played well for us. We have to get solid play up front on both sides of the ball with the offensive and defensive lines.

On where your team is this year as opposed to last season at this time: Well, you're looking at it and you've got guys who have been in the program now. Guys are understanding our work ethic and where we want them to get to. But, we still have to improve and we have to get better. We still have a long way to go; we are no where close to where we should be.

On early enrollees: The good thing about them is that they got here in January. They've been around the team and they've been able to get bigger, faster and stronger. They've been able to grasp the offense. If you look at Shane (Buechele), you look at Collin (Johnson) and you look at Shack (Zack Shackelford) – those three guys are on offense. Then you have (Demarco) Boyd on defense. They've gotten a good start on the rest of their freshman class, but with them you have to remember that they should still be in high school and going to the prom. It's good that they came in, have been able to understand the offense and go out and practice. We had the chance to go out there and watch them improve and get better each and every day.

On how the new coaching staff has meshed with the team: Guys understand now and the players have been in our system and they understand the sense of urgency and that they have to go get better. You look for individual improvement each and every day. Our players went out and competed and had fun and the coaches did a really good job of coaching.

On the kicking position: We have guys that are on the team right now. It's just a matter of them stepping up and making sure they are accurate and kicking the ball. We didn't rush them the whole spring, so just step up there and kick the football and put it where it needs to be. The guys have enough leg strength and all that, it's more mental than anything. We just have to continue to let those guys battle it out. When we come back there will be some guys given opportunities when they walk in.

On adding depth to the lines: Really we have enough guys that are coming in. You look at your offensive line and you need seven to eight guys. On the defensive front it's where we signed a lot of players. We knew we were going to need them to add depth at that position.

On the biggest area of growth before fall camp: It's all about us developing as a team – team development and team chemistry. We need to find leaders who are willing to step up and lead this team and get them to come together. When it's time to get things done it's all about ownership, and player ownership, taking control of the team.

On last season's finish giving momentum into 2016: Well they didn't get to go to a bowl game. I think there was a point that they realized if they would have played much better they could've gone to a bowl game. Guys came into the offseason with a whole different attitude – an attitude where they needed to work and they needed to get better in order for this team to improve and for every player to improve.

On how the team's attitude has changed: Now you just get more of the players being tired of it and they want to go to work. They want to let everyone understand that it is about them and it's about them making it much better than it actually has been.

On league expansion and championship games: If you look at what we have right now we play everyone in the league. You look back last year, Oklahoma got into the four-team playoff under the system we have right now. If you start looking at a championship and you don't expand you could end up playing TCU the last week of the regular season then going and playing each other the very next week again. I just like the way the system is set up right now. If you're talking about expansion or a playoff, it's a decision the conference is going to have to make but I'm comfortable with where we are at right now.

On playing true freshman on the defensive line and expectations for them: I've started true freshman. At Notre Dame I started a guy by the name of Anthony Weaver who ended up being a second round pick of the Baltimore Ravens. At Florida Carlos Dunlap started as a true freshman, Jermaine Cunningham started as a true freshman too. It's about them learning the system and going out and being given an opportunity to compete. 

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