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Burnt Ends - 04/04/2016

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The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker.


Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask...


Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends.




This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports.




Leading off Burnt Ends tonight is more information on the newest Texas commit Kobe Boyce.  While just about every Texas writer in the industry was arriving at The Opening regional yesterday, Boyce tipped off our recruiting analyst Mike Roach that he would be announcing his commitment later that day.  Mike talked to him on the phone during the camp to get quotes on what it was about Texas that locked him in.


So let's dive right in.


On what it was that made him choose Texas:


“I just like the relationship I have with the coaches, and what can happen after I graduate because I know the alumni bond is strong.  If you leave Texas, you’re always welcomed back.  I like how the program is going.  Charlie Strong is changing the culture around and you can really see that.  I just want to be a part of that, and I feel like we can make big things happen.”


On the allure of playing at “DBU:”


“I want to be a part of that, I feel like Texas is the real “DBU” so that’s definitely something I’m interested in.”


On his relationship with Texas players and commits:


“I’ve talked with Major Tennison some.  I’ve talked to Eric Cuffee and Jeff McCulloch some to help me get a clear idea.  I got to talk to Malik Jefferson too so I’m familiar with a few of their guys”.


On his plans now that he’s committed:


“I still have a visit planned (to Texas A&M for spring game) and I’m going to take that because I told the coaches I would, and I’ll be at the Texas spring game”.


On the strength of his commitment:


“100 percent.”




We also had a chance to speak with Boyce’s skills coach to get his analysis on the talented corner.  Coach Flight is based in the DFW area, and he’s quickly building a talented group of prospects that train with him.  Boyce has been a member of the “Flight Team” since last fall, and he works diligently each week to get better.


On Kobe’s strengths:


“What makes Kobe special is his speed.  That’s the base of his entire skillset, because that’s where his confidence comes from.  Whenever Kobe is on the field he is most likely the best athlete out there”.


On what Boyce needs to improve on:


“I’d still love to see him become more physical with his press technique at the line of scrimmage to be more of a dominant corner”.




One last note on Kobe Boyce; a tweet came out from an A&M site that Boyce would be visiting for the spring game and that he’s still keeping his options open.  As we noted in the interview above, Boyce is planning to visit College Station for the spring game, but he’s firm in his commitment to Texas.  Boyce was set to visit A&M on Friday for their scrimmage, but he couldn’t make it because of a transportation issue.  Since he told the coaches at A&M he would visit he wants to keep his word.  He’s also planning to be at the Texas spring game in two weeks and is excited about his commitment to Texas.  Boyce told me a while ago that Texas was the offer he was really waiting on.  He loves the city, the school, and the chance to play at “DBU.”




Sam Ehlinger came out to compete at the regional camp in Houston, and we got a chance to catch up with the future Texas signal caller.  We’ll have some analysis about the event later on, but we did want to bring you some thoughts straight from Ehlinger himself. 


We caught Sam right after the conclusion of the event, and you could tell he was a little worn out after a long, hot day on the field.  â€œI did well, it was a good camp.  It was long and hot, but it was a great camp.”  Ehlinger did not earn MVP honors or an Elite 11 invitation, and he seemed a bit disappointed with the result.  Ehlinger could still receive an invite to the Elite 11 competition, and he is thinking about making a second camp appearance to cement that. 


Ehlinger has been to campus to see practice once this spring, but he was very excited about the new direction of the Texas offense.  â€œIt was great, it’s very fast.  It looks like something I could definitely thrive in.”  Ehlinger is taking a leadership role in the recruiting class, and with rumors out about Damion Miller and Major Tennison wavering, we asked if he was getting involved with keeping them around.  â€œI talk to them periodically, but I’m going to let them do what they want and we will get the guys we need in the end.” 


No surprise here, Ehlinger tells us he’s 100% solid to Texas.  He will be at the Texas spring game, and said he will be available for any camps the staff wants him at this summer. 




Our Daniel Seahorn caught up with La Grange (TX) running back JK Dobbins at the event, and gave us some thoughts on the conversation.


Seahorn's Thoughts


The roster for the Houston regional was absolutely stacked with talent from all over the state of Texas, but one guy I got to chat up for a bit was La Grange running back JK Dobbins. JK posted a very impressive 4.44 in the 40, but he wasn’t at all happy with his shuttle time.


I told JK that he shouldn’t worry about his shuttle time, as his film does plenty of talking for him. On top of that he went on to an earn an invite to The Opening in Oregon, so all and all it was a pretty good day. JK surprised just about everyone recently when he committed out of the blue to Ohio State despite never setting foot of campus.


Dobbins recently took a trip up to Columbus and told me he really enjoyed his time there and noted the family atmosphere as something that really stood out. He seemed genuinely excited about his commitment and he lit up when talking about meeting Urban Meyer and getting to talk to guys like Zeke Elliott.  He also mentioned that he thinks that “they” will get Jeffrey Okudah.


When asked about other schools that are still coming after him hard, Dobbins said that Texas is probably the team that is recruiting him the hardest and said that he hears from several coaches on the staff frequently. Dobbins also said he may make it down to Austin for the Texas spring game, but it didn’t seem like a sure thing at the time, so we will have to see if does indeed show up.


This recruitment seems to have an Erick Fowlerish feel to it, in which I think a flip is possible, but the coaches are going to have to put their best foot forward from here on out to make it happen. Another thing that seems to be floating around is that he is a tad bit leery of the depth chart in Austin with Chris Warren and D’Onta Foreman eating up carries and Kyle Porter on the way, but I think that is something that can be navigated through.


JK has always struck me as a kid who doesn’t want to play games with the process and make multiple commitments, but I also had him pegged to stay close to home. Stay tuned folks. 




Bellaire Episcopal defensive tackle Marvin Wilson draws a huge crowd at these events.  The top defensive tackle in the nation earned an invite to Oregon for the opening after dominating at the event.  He was very excited about it afterwards, which provided us with a lively interview. 


On his excitement over winning an invitation to The Opening


“Man I’m thrilled to be honest, I’ve been working hard and thinking about this since last year when I was in New Orleans.  I was a young guy, so I worked harder and a year later I got my invite.”


On what he wants to prove when he gets to Oregon:


“I’m going to prove I’m the best at what I do.” 


On when he plans to visit Texas:


“I plan on getting to Austin in May or June.  It probably won’t be this spring, but I definitely want to get there in the summer.” 


On Vance Bedford (his lead recruiter):


“It’s a great relationship.  He talks to me about recruiting, but he also talks to me as a man of integrity, which I appreciate.  He’s very funny too.  He’s always joking about how I’m fat and I can’t jump”.


On Coach Strong:


“Coach Strong is a 100 dude (keeps things real).  I love talking to him.”


On what Texas needs to do to solidify a spot for him:


“I need them winning.  If they win they will make their way into my top five easy.”




Wilson’s teammate Walker Little also earned an invitation to Oregon after winning MVP honors at the camp.  Little is a massive prospect, but he comes off very humble and friendly for a big guy.


On the invitation to Oregon:


“It’s a real honor, I think I had a good day and got better.  It was great competition.  I had a blast out here.”


On one on ones in a camp setting:


“It’s definitely fun when you’re doing well.  There’s a lot of adrenaline, and everyone is crowding around and making noise.”


On what he’s looking forward to in Oregon:


“Going against the best of the best.  I’m trying to get better, trying to go against people who are better than me, and trying to be the player I want to be.”


On when he’s returning to Texas:


“In two weeks I’ll be at the spring game.”


On his head recruiter Matt Mattox:


“He calls me the most, I talk to coach Strong every once in a while, but Mattox is the main guy.”


On his relationship with Mattox:


“It’s a really good relationship right now.  We’re building on it, and it will be good to get out there and see him in person again.”


On the new offense:


“We’ve talked about it, I’ll have to see how it looks and see how I fit into it.”


On what Texas needs to do to solidify their status for Little:


“They don’t really need to do anything else, it’s a great school and a great fit for me.  It’s just figuring out things and seeing where I fit in.  It’s also about my relationship with coach Mattox and coach Strong, and talking to some of the other players to see how they like it.”





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No update on Reed?

We didn't get to talk to him, but we are getting some conflicting info. One source says he thinks Texas is back in the lead while another indicated they expected him to commit to A&M this week. We will see, but regardless this won't end until signing day. There's a big battle going on there.

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We didn't get to talk to him, but we are getting some conflicting info. One source says he thinks Texas is back in the lead while another indicated they expected him to commit to A&M this week. We will see, but regardless this won't end until signing day. There's a big battle going on there.

Boyce can do a little recruiting for us in Collie Station this weekend

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Two guys who really need some exposure and I'm surprised havent gotten it are the Moore twins.


Josh and Jordan are two 2018 guys from Yoakum. Currently my top WR and S in the state for 2018. They have size, speed, and fundamentals that are so good I originally thought they were 2017 guys for the longest time.


Not only that but their mama is a Longhorn alum and the first thing both told me when I talked to them was they want to go to Texas. Currently it's been Josh who's been getting the love from the Longhorns. He's getting recruited by Coach Johnson who is (as many predicted) recruiting the Houston area (and thank god. The Longhorns needed that).


Both were at the Longhorns' last scrimmage and thoroughly enjoyed it. Josh let me know he'll be taking an unofficial visit to Texas during the weekend of the Spring game. I'm pretty sure his brother will come too.

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