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****Texas vs. Stanford Game 1 Official Game Thread****


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1-0 down

1-1 take

1-2 swing

2-2 low/away

3-2 in

K Looking.  1 out; That ball was at his shins.  Questionable call.  Rand thought he had a walk.


All I ask if for consistency from Blue, and this one has not been consistent since about the fifth inning.




2-0 down


Walk, on a perfect pitch down the pipe.  This Blue has lost it.



0-1 take

1-1 away

1-2 BIG swing

F9; 2 outs



0-1 take

1-1 up/in

1-2 swing

1-2 fouled back and left; Gurwitz was on his horse

KS; 2-3 on the put out


Stanford wins 1-0

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  • Moderator

12 innings and no runs. Very poor. I just don't understand how this is a problem year after year. 


You do realize we put up 18 runs last weekend, right? 


This Stanford staff is SALTY.  From my preview:

Notes on Stanford pitching:

  • The Stanford starters combined allowed one earned run in their 3 victories. This included 10 hits, one walk and 8 strikeouts. Each starter in their 3 wins pitched 6+ innings and allowed 1 run or less.
  • The Stanford bullpen has been better than solid, allowing one run in 11.2 innings, with 3 walks and 13 strikeouts.

They got one, we got none.  It happens.  I think our pitchers did very well.  We outhit Stanford 5-4; and it was an error and a walk that did us in tonight. 

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Pitchers gave up four hits in 12 innings and we still can't win. Disappointing.


See notes above. 


Also, Stanford is now 4-1, and 3 of their wins are over Top 25 programs. 


Sometimes your team just loses to a better team on a given night.  Stanford was better tonight.

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If baker handles the throw we turn it over and go on. That's baseball though. Just wondering about approach at the plate as I didn't get to watch tonight.


Baker hit the ball on the screws several times, but couldn't find a hole.

Rand had a couple of hits and I really am liking his confidence and approach the more that I watch him.

Cantu had a night similar to Baker, hard hit balls, but right at people

Tres had a good night outside of one of his early ABs in the game.

Denny looked good in his first plate appearance, but was pulled later in the game.

Losing Mathis for an undisclosed injury/illness hurt.

Gurwitz looked off balance for the majority of the game at the plate.



The one thing to note is that the Stanford starter, Bubic, had a very good changeup that was mixed in with a serviceable curve and fastball nicely.  The way he was pitching kept our hitters off balance early on.

Hock, (reliever,) came in and also had a good changeup and curve ball, along with a high 80s FB.  Also kept the hitters guessing with the way the game was called. 


All in all, outside of players really seeing their first game, (Harlan) I think we had a good approach.  The killer stat was 18 Ks. 

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Went back and looked at the book.


18 Ks

Of those, 11 were from:






Harlan, it was his first appearance, so I get it.  But the other three are everyday starters.  Can't have a bad day like that from your key hitters. 


I don't doubt that they'll bounce back this weekend. 

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It happens. I'm not happy, but at same time, it's way too early in the year to be worried about what happens at crunch time


Certainly not.  Neither am I, but it happens.  Sometimes 1-run losses are tougher to get your hands around than a blowout.  This team will be just fine. 

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