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Q & A with Coach B


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Sorry I missed the Q & A there coach, but with football season coming on, I would like to know your thoughts on who you think is going to make the biggest impact on this offense next season and who is going to be the surprise player on this team?


Directed to Coach B but everyone feel free to answer.:cool:

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I want to say that David Ash will be a huge player in the offense along with Shipley and DJ Monroe, but I have serious reservations because I don't trust this coaching staff right now. I think its ridiculous that Mack hasn't officially names Ash as his starter and I want to see how they are going to use their most explosive player on offense, DJ Monroe.


I think Ash, if given 85-90% of all the reps, will have a great season. If Monroe can get more than 2-3 touches a game, this offense with Shipley, Brown, Bergeron, and possibly Gray can be flat out explosive.

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I think it is a little unfair to judge this coaching staff on offense. Clearly Texas thought they had a star in Gilbert. He was the highest recruited QB in the nation but he went south and that created a vacuum because they thought he was their guy.


Ash and McCoy were flat out horrible and looked way over their head. Then they lost all their RB's and the season was over. If these guys can stay healthy and Ash does enough to deserve being named the starter we may do fine..but I have a problem with how we played offense and defense against the good teams.

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Plus 59 of 61 scores were set up by explosive plays. They never had a sustained drive against anyone, but again with no WR'ers and non production at the QB position, it is easy to see why.


Our other problem is Landry Jones didn't want to take a pay cut by going to the NFL so he came back.

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No kidding on Jones. Where I think the Texas coaches failed is in recruiting and developing quality depth. I do think its getting better.


I listened to a conversation on the radio..Can't remember who but the guy made a good point. When you have a top lever QB other recruits don't want to go there. Everyone thought Gilbert was going to be a star. Not just Texas because he had offers from everywhere. When he flamed out, it put the recruiting back a few years and they have been scrambling ever since. Seems like a good point but I have burnt orange glasses I look at things through.

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Why are schools like Baylor and Okie Lite getting so much love this year, when they lost their main offensive players? RGIII is gone, along with thir stud WRs and starting RB. Same thing goes in Stillwater. Yet, some of the media morons are sayings that these games will be tough for Texas. Really? With our defense? Serious?

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