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***Official UT vs. UNLV Baseball Game Thread***


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Gurwitz leads it off

1-0 up

2-0 down

2-1 take

2-2 fouled up the RF line; UNLV players misplayed it and it drops harmlessley

L8; Hard hit line shot into straightaway CF, just right at the defender.  1 out




1-1 BIG swing

2-1 down

2-2 swing;

KS; 2 outs



0-1 fouled back

4-3 slow chopper to 2B


1-2-3 for UNLV


After 1 complete; no score

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1-0 away

1-1 look

1-2 swings at a change

2-2 dirt

3-2 away

3-2 fouled straight down

3-2 fouled away

Walks him. 


Johnston is all around his spots.  He just needs to dial it in



1-0 in

Checks runner

FO3 on a popup in front of the Texas dugout; 1 out



0-1 take

0-2 looks at another FB on the outside corner

1-6-3 DP ends the inning


Still no score, headed to B2

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B2 cont: Cantu on 2B; 1 out


Kacy Clemens

0-1 take

0-2 swings a ball up

1-2 ball is in tight

1-2 fouled down

2-2 down

KS foul tip; 2 outs


Kody Clemens

1-0 up

2-0 up

2-1 fouled back

3-1 down

3-2 looks at a FB

3-2 fouled back

Myers steps off the rubber; back on.

3-2 fouled back

3-2 fouled back

Really solid AB for Kody here

Walks him on a pitch up/away


Runners on 1&2



0-1 take

0-2 looks at a nice curve ball

1-2 away

1-2 fouled away right

RBI Single into CF


Texas leads 1-0




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0-2 bunt foul

F7; hanging fly ball that allowed Gurwitz to travel about half a mile to grab for the out; 1 down




2-0 away

3-0 up

3-1 take

3-2 look

Walk on a pitch just inside



1-0; WP in the dirt goes to the backstop.  Rodriguez saunters to 2nd.

1-1 take

Hard line drive single to the right side of Boswell into LF

Runners on corners



Grounds an RBI single through the left side; runners at 1&2

Texas up 2-1



1-0 up

1-1 take

Johnston steps off; back on

1-2 swing

2-2 up/out

2-2 fouled down 1B line

2-2 fouled back

2-2 fouled away left

2-2 fouled down 1B line

3-2 up/away

Johnston spins to look at runner on 2B

F7; 2 outs; Rand grabs that just shy of warning track; Runners hold




1-1 fouled down

1-2 look

K Looking




UNLV gets one back; Texas leads 2-1 going B3






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