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DB coach being interviewed . .insights from a connected poster


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Wanted to share this, some of you know bondhornlounge . .. guy is pretty connected and certainly has a good finger on the pulse. . . . 


I just confirmed with a source that Arkansas DB coach Clay Jennings is interviewing with Texas today for the Longhorns' vacant DB coaching spot.
"BondLoungeHorn, post: 4812678, member: 10302"]-"Would be a fantastic hire. He was Gary Patterson's ace recruiter and we can stick it to Briles again grabbing another one of his former coaches this time on defense. 
This would be a bigtime hire imo"
By all accounts, this would be a top flight hire.  . .take a good DB coach away from the Pigs, someone with strong ties to the state.
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without any hesitation you hire Clay Jennings he can coach DB`s and is great recruiter with strong ties in Texas very respected by high school coaches. it looks like on paper the staff turnover has added more in state recruiting ties as well as experience coaching their positions. Charlie Williams has been wr`s coach in college at sec,acc x2 unc,miami , & big 10 schools as well as NFL. Anthony Johnson along with Jeff Traylor will make Texas a huge factor in east Texas and golden triangle areas which happen to produce talent upon talent.

now the question is does Brick Haley stay or go ?

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