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Oh Aggy, Part Deux

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9 hours ago, MikeV73 said:

Understood that aggy promotes the s$c as much or more than their own brand.  Always the little brother.

In fairness to aggy, I'd probably highlight my SEC affiliation, too, if I had to sell an overcrowded diploma mill, fake army, and backwater Collie Station to 'croots.

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On 7/23/2019 at 12:09 PM, J.B. TexasEx said:


........so by my count, aTm is 1-4 against non secsecsec P-5 foes, but is 9-11 against the secsecsec

2 things come to mind there....a few posts ago, someone posted that aTm is winning 54% of conference games since joining the secsecsec so they must be getting worse in their last 20 games.....hmmm(Sumlin>Fisher?)

the other thing is aTm win percentage much higher against secsecsec than non secsecsec( P-5).....proof positive the secsecsec myth is about to be exposed...

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