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Oh Aggy, Part Deux

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1 hour ago, J.B. TexasEx said:

Yes, because playing aggy is much better and higher profile than games with LSU, Bama, and Georgia. An SEC SEC SEC "gauntlet" that includes Arky, the Mississippis, USCe, and inconsistent Au-barn every year. Just when you thought aggy can't get any sillier.

F aggy


You can't fix stupid.

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41 minutes ago, texasdalton said:

It’s funny that they see themselves as a marquee matchup. I like the idea of playing them for no other reason than reminding the world that they suck year after year.

Never, ever, play aggy, never...never... never...................................

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This is why I could care less if we play ever play the aggies again.

But the Aggies were already scheduled to play Miami in 2022-23; Del Conte signed up Alabama instead. In addition to Alabama, Texas hosts LSU this year and travels to Baton Rouge in 2020. Other future series include Arkansas, Michigan, Ohio State and Georgia.



Screw playing the second game of the year if we do play.

Texas and Texas A&M could find a way, too, if they want to. It’ll never return to Thanksgiving weekend, but an annual date earlier – say, in Week 2 – would make sense.

Momentum might be moving toward resuming Longhorns-Aggies rivalry, but huge hurdles remain



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2 hours ago, java said:

Sure glad Alabama, LSU, OSU, and Georgia could fit us in. 

Too bad the Ags couldn’t.

Run, Ags, Run.  Oh, and Ags, don’t forget that’s just what Ricky did...against you the night he broke the record. 

It was a thing of beauty. 

Hook ‘em!

I remember that game, not only did he break the record. He stuck it in the endzone and right up aggy`z skirt!

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28 minutes ago, java said:

Yep, didn’t that run go for about 50+. Whatever, it was very satisfying. Juked a couple of Ags, broke free, then McGarity threw a block, and it was Sports Center here we come. 

Thanks for the memories, Agriculture. 

Hook ‘em!


McGarity . . . forever to be known for that 98-yd touchdown catch against OU from Major Applewhite. I think the record still stands. We saw McGarity's speed on that play, and I don't think he was playing 100% that day.



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RCS Houston survey: Prospects weigh in on Texas-Texas A&M rivalry

Vernon Broughton

MORE RCS HOUSTON: Teams that should be pleased | Players who earned their stripes | The Spiegelman Awards | Thoughts from the sidelines

The Texas-Texas A&M rivalry has been on ice since the Aggies left the Big 12 in 2012, leaving what was once one of the longest-running yearly games dormant. Rumors and reports continue to emerge that the teams may once again resume the rivalry, assuming it can work with non-conference scheduling. While it’s unlikely the two teams will play anytime soon, the topic is still heavily debated. At this weekend’s Houston stop of the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp Series presented by adidas, we surveyed several top recruits to get their thoughts on rivalry.

Do you think the two teams should resume their rivalry on a yearly basis?

“Yeah, I think they should be playing every year. I think it would be a good rivalry and it would settle some things because there’s a lot of beef going on. I feel like if they play one side -- either Texas or Texas A&M -- will keep their mouth shut.” -- Rivals250 Texas A&M offensive line commit 

“Yeah, they need to because they always are arguing about who is better and who is stealing each other’s recruits, so they need to go ahead and play already and settle it on the field instead of going back and forth on Twitter.” -- 2022 offensive tackle 

“Yes, that’s a fact. I wanna see them go at it. Texas vs. Texas A&M -- that would be a good game.” -- Rivals100 defensive end 

“I’ve been waiting for that. Someone told me that Texas A&M declined it and didn’t want to do it, but that would be fun.” -- Four-star defensive end 

“That’s a good rivalry there. We’ll see who the big, bad team in Texas really is. Both schools, they’re getting the best recruits everywhere, so I’d like to see how they do battling it out head to head.” -- Rivals100 defensive back 

“There’s just too much beef between their players, so yes I’d like to see them play.” -- Five-star running back 

“It should be coming back. Each team still jaws with each other on Twitter all the time, so this game is still a rivalry.” -- Four-star wide receiver 

“Oh yeah. I think a lot of people would love to see that.” -- Three-star athlete 

What would it mean to the state of Texas to have the yearly game back? 

“Everybody would come out for that game. It wouldn’t matter if was at Texas or Texas A&M. Everyone would be at that game. “ -- Dewberry

“I don’t even think they have a big enough stadium. I believe there would be so many people wanting to go it would be the biggest game in history. Probably too big for even the NFL stadiums. Texas A&M has over 100,000 people per game, Texas, likewise, so that’s too big or an NFL stadium.” -- Chibuzo

“A lot of the great athletes in this state either go to Texas or Texas A&M, so whoever won that game would show who the big dog is in the state.” -- 2020 wide receiver 

“It would be a big for the state. The players want it. It is a big rival. The state is divided with fans, so it would be great to see one school take it over for a year.” -- Price

“For me, it is a state pride thing and it never should have been changed.” -- 2020 offensive lineman 

“It would mean a lot. It would be bragging rights for a full year.” -- Three-star athlete Josh Eaton

What would the game coming back mean to recruiting?

“I feel like no matter where it was, every recruit would want to be there. People would be using their official visits. It would be big for recruiting.” -- Lee

“I don’t think the result would decide where somebody would go but I think it would have an impact on the recruiting based on who out coaches who.” -- Dewberry

“I think it would boost both teams recruiting wise because it would be a packed and interesting game. Like the LSU game boosted recruiting for both schools because you don’t usually see stuff like a 7 OT game. I think that made people look harder at those schools because it was a great game.” -- Chibuzo

“It would probably change a lot of recruit’s minds. It would be an SEC school vs. a Big 12 school and it could be a factor.” -- Eaton

“It could play a little part in recruiting for whoever wins and loses, but I don’t think it would have too big of an impact on the recruiting process for most.” -- Coleman

“I don’t think this game would really impact recruiting. If was a big blowout, it could a little, but I really don’t think it would matter.” -- 2021 offensive lineman 

If they were to play in 2019, which team do you think would win? 

“Texas A&M for sure.” -- Lee

“Texas A&M. They have a strong 2019 class coming in so I give them the edge.” -- Dewberry

“I have to go with Texas. Texas is more physical than A&M right now.” -- Coleman

“I am a Jimbo Fisher-type of dude, so I have to go with A&M.” -- Three-star wide receiver 

“Texas A&M no doubt.” -- Chibuzo

“I can’t answer this one. I am going to dodge this one. They are both very good teams.” -- Conner

“If they played this coming fall, I would say Texas because of their defense.” -- Meadough

“Texas.” -- Eaton



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What's a matter with kids these days.:)

Greenberg grew up a Longhorn but said the campaign has brought the two schools together.


Longhorns, Aggies unite for common goal: Reinstate the rivalry

Justin Tucker’s 2011 kick secured a win for UT, marking the last memory of the intrastate rivalry between UT and Texas A&M. Eight years later, both sides are fighting for the
game’s revival.

The campaign, Reinstate the Rivalry, began in 2017 and is gaining momentum with support from current and former students, as well as school presidents and state representatives.

UT alumnus Micky Wolf, who graduated in 2018, kickstarted the campaign as student body vice president. The rivalry game brings back Thanksgiving memories with his grandpa, Larry Golman, who he said gave him his “Longhorn blood” as a 1953 alumnus.

“There’s nothing really like the University of Texas and Texas A&M competing,” Golman said. “That rivalry and that feeling between the schools and camaraderie is just a tremendous thing for the universities, their students, alumni and the whole state of Texas.”

Current students are also voicing their support. 97 percent of UT students voted in favor of the game in 2017, and 89 percent of A&M students voted in favor last week. Finance sophomore Jake Greenberg has taken charge of the campaign as officer of Longhorn Athletics Agency.

“There’s a real buzz around the state about this game being back,” Greenberg said. “It’s just working out the details. When this game is finally played, it will really bring the state together and unite us around something we all love, which is football, family and Thanksgiving.”

Greenberg grew up a Longhorn but said the campaign has brought the two schools together.

“Most of us haven’t met each other, but we’re all united by this common passion to reinstate the rivalry, and something that’s been really amazing is how this movement has really formed,” Greenberg said.

Greenberg has worked with Chipper Adams, a third-generation Aggie and campaign head for A&M. Adams said the game is important because of its history and impact on both schools’ traditions.

“One of the things that we say around here a lot, is if something happens twice, it’s tradition, but it’s happened 118 times,” Adams said. “We’re missing out on this key part of that (Thanksgiving) experience in Texas.”

The support is not only from current and former students. Both university presidents, Greg Fenves and Michael Young, voiced support. Gov. Greg Abbott also stated his willingness to work with State Rep. Lyle Larson, who has actively sought action for the reinstatement.

Greenberg and Adams met with Larson on Monday Feb. 25 to discuss their next steps and plans to build off the momentum of the votes and widespread conversation.

“Larson views the legislation, not as a means to an end, but as a way to draw attention, and it did,” Greenberg said.

From here, Greenberg said they are working with designers for T-shirts, meeting with Larson about logistics and working with important stakeholders on both sides.

“I think this movement and this game are important because it unites the best that the state has to offer,” Greenberg said. “Even though this game is competitive and there have been some moments in the history that are tumultuous, this game and what it represents is so much more.”


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