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Oh Aggy, Part Deux


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I watched that video a few times.  The only reason there was any problem in the front place was the journalists who were totally oblivious to everything and anything around them. 

I am certain that they were told Bevo was being moved & that the area needed to be cleared.  The handler and on the far side of Bevo dropped the lead because it was either that or step on the idiot photographers. Some people were just out the day God passed out common sense. 

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30 minutes ago, longhorn_mig said:

This is a real shirt being sold by Academy for aggy. The "reviews" are amazing and truly hilarious.


Well....I guess Aggie has finally made it to the top of the SEC. Not sure what logic puts a collie at the top of the mascot chain but I guess the other mascot's aren't "SEC ready".

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10 minutes ago, primal defense said:


It will be at least ten years.



Presidents of Texas, Texas A&M support renewing rivalry


To quote the great @Bear19 


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