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Oh Aggy, Part Deux

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Daughter (Aggie vet school grad) thinks TAMU will never change until it gets rid of the Corps and all its faux "traditions".  Son-in-law (Aggie vet school grad) thinks TAMU will never change until the

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Saw this while looking at an article announcing Montgomery's departure. Gave me a couple of chuckles:

Came from aggiesport.com -

When Kevin Sumlin was forming his first staff at Texas A&M he was turned down by former Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi, settling for South Florida’s Mark Snyder.

We all know how that turned out.

Who knows, maybe Sumlin is still coaching at A&M if he lands Narduzzi. 


Fast forward six years and Jimbo Fisher can’t land LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda and within hours he gets Notre Dame’s Mike Elko. That’s settling for A-1.1 instead of A-1, though, which is which, since it appears A&M might have tried to hire Elko first. There's no doubt A&M didn't have to settle for second or third.

Things have changed.

It doesn't seem that long ago that A&M defensive coordinator Bob Davie left the ninth-ranked Aggies coming off a 10-2 season in 1993 for Notre Dame.  You can’t blame him, it was Notre Dame. Also, Davie wanted to be a head coach and R.C. Slocum wasn’t going anywhere.

Now it’s someone leaving Notre Dame to come to Texas A&M to pad the resume for a possible head coaching job.

Indeed, things have changed.

A&M is a destination place. How much of that is Fisher, a half a billion-dollar stadium, the SEC, being in Texas or A&M being able to spend money faster than the government can print it is your guess. It’s probably all those things.

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Daughter (Aggie vet school grad) thinks TAMU will never change until it gets rid of the Corps and all its faux "traditions".  Son-in-law (Aggie vet school grad) thinks TAMU will never change until they get rid of the yell leaders and fish school.

To be clear - daughter went to TAMU because they have the finest veterinarian school and son-in-law went to TAMU on a baseball scholarhip..and vet school.   And both want to resume the rivalry with UT.  Both think Dodds and bow tie were idiots.  Neither are allowed to wear aggie swag in my home - including grandkids.  That is my punishment for my daughter going to aggy.  Told daughter she has been removed from my will, with the exception of a 12 year old, dumb as hell, sway-backed old Longhorn steer.  Who farts when alarmed.

Wife threatened to make my life hell if I removed daughter from will.  Daughter still in will.

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12 hours ago, J.B. TexasEx said:



Okay, let me summarize what Olin wrote. And I used to work with Olin.

His points, translated:

1. Three frosh played in a bowl, so they'll likely be better next year.

2. Two frosh played QB this year. They will be sophomores and will likely play better.

3. 16 warm bodies coming back. The kicker is the only one who merited mention by name. lol

4. Jimbo Fisher is a better game day coach than Sumlin was. Not sure how we know this but we somehow figured no one would question this one. lol This assures aggy no more UCLA's, despite UCLA not being on the schedule anymore. Good news, aggy. Clemson replaced UCLA. lol

5. Fisher can develop quarterbacks, even though his record is no more impressive than Sumlin's was.

6. They have a back who maybe went through a sophomore slump. Fisher will make him good. lol

7. Fisher does well in November. Okay, but you have Auburn and LSU next November. lol

8. They have a new S&C coach. No fading in the 4th. 

9. The "presence" of Elko will somehow magically make a difference where Chavis, a more successful DC, could not. Chavis now suddenly only wins when he has a stacked deck. Elko turns straw into gold. lol

10. Secondary will be better and maybe some unnamed incoming freshmen can help. lol smh And this will be because Auburn, LSU and Miss St figure to be weaker next year.

I truly don't know what to say. Someone should print his story out, wad it up and throw it at him.

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3 hours ago, MikeV73 said:

So two unsigned commits for 2019 and the ham has declared aggy the premier recruiting team!  What an idiot.  Watch when these guys don't sign...hilarious!


Yeah, he's an idiot. What he failed to mention is that this is the home stretch for 20018 and his aggy coaches have abandoned ship.

Its easy to be the big dog when you're the only one in the race, at the moment.

You'd think aggy would learn. I'm not sure any program loses more committed recruits each season than they do. Its like they're a shopping center for other programs who have late needs. lol

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