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Oh Aggy, Part Deux


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Golden went on a diatribe about what a travesty it was for Trump to boot CNN, NYT and LAT from a PC.


I asked why it was such a big deal now, but not when Obama did the same thing. 


Golden got defensive, demanded a link. I responded with nine. I also brought up the wire-tapping of Rosen and Rosen's parents, seizing phone records of AP reporters, kicking reporters off a plane, etc., which were also apparently okay just a short time ago. 


It went downhill from there as apparently Haliburton thought she was an attack dog and jumped in to save the day. I should have a jersey now that has "She Hate Me" on the back. lol


If these TV and newspaper personalities are going to participate in social media, they shouldn't put themselves into situations where they've being taught about their occupation and recent events directly related to it. Haliburton attempted to explain away everything Obama did. lol. That didn't fly very long. lol


Did you bring up the IRS as well?


I grew up in Austin as a Democrat.  And both my parents were yellow dog Democrats.  Once I matriculated and entered the real world, it didn't take me long to realize liberals had hi-jacked that grand old party.  So I disassociated myself from the Democrat party as I simply preferred to do my own thinking.  Now, that didn't mean that I gravitated to the Republican party either, but I definitely took a conservative bent. 

All this being said, it was no secret that the AAS was a little left of Mao.  And pure journalism was non-existent with that rag.  So it doesn't surprise me that Golden and Halliburton got their panties in a wad with you.


By now, you should have learned that arguing with a flaming liberal is an exercise in futility anyway.  And, I might add, the same is true with a hard right conservative as well.


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