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2017 Recruiting Thread Part 1

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He's the HC at Cedar Hill, which sits next to DeSoto where Mathis coached.


I know Mathis has a sexy record, but other than that I've seldom heard much good said about him. Discipline always seemed to be a weakness with his teams. Take a look around. Given the number of "prospects" DeSoto has churched out – where are they now?




McGuire was Coach Strong's first call before he hired Traylor from Gilmer. McGuire turned Charlie down, but sweated bullets doing it. McGuire is a player's coach, his players love him. Very smart, creative and disciplined.


Speaking of McGuire, I took my son to his first deep snapping camp at Cedar Hill in December.  Cedar Hill has been hosting the Rubio Deep Snapping camp for the last couple of years..  McGuire was there but I did not meet him.  All participants and parents had to go through the field house to get to a gym.  On every wall, above every door, in the weight room, and in the rest rooms were statements that pertained to character and team building.  In addition, there were lots of pictures of past players that went on to play college and pro football.  I realize other schools do things like this as well, but I was really impressed how things were laid out.  I got the impression that he has attention to detail, structure, and discipline.


I could see why Strong would be interested in him.

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