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National Signing Day 2016 Thread

HornSports Staff

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All things considered this class doesn't fit in the grading system because its higher than an A. Food for thought: Coach Strong's first two seasons at Louisville were 7-5, 7-5. His first two full recruiting classes were ranked #28 and #45. Year's three and four at Louisville their record was 11-2 and 12-1. Coaches first two years here 6-7, 5-7 and his first full classes were ranked #10 and #11 (per247). I've got a feeling we are going to see a jump in on field production next season.

I agree mostly with what you've stated here. The only thing I would add here and it's a big one... The Bridgewater Effect.

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slightly off topic, but...watching the Baylor replay on LHN right now and remembering aggy talking about how we only beat them cause they played a WR at QB. Well they did have their 3rd stringer playing QB, who wasn't bad, but got his ass knocked out by PJ Locke, a safety that Charlie flipped at the last minute last year. How many of this years signees/flips are going to come up with big plays next season? Charlie knows how to find talent.


Also just saw the big melee again, can't believe they weren't penalized and we were

We beat them with a TightEnd playing QB for us

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It's about as opposite to the way Mack Brown did it as possible


This is what I think is so important. Charlie Strong needed to start silencing his critics and start getting his leadership some breathing room and some momentum. I dare say today was a risky move that seems to have gone Charlie's way.


Mack was one hell of a recruiter and he didn't leave the fanbase with many questions on signing day. After a decade and a half, it became part of the football brand. The problem was that Mack wasn't willing to change with the times and when younger, more dynamic coaches showed they were willing to work to get the right players, the wheels fell for Mack.


Two losing seasons haven't bought Charlie Strong much goodwill, but damned if he hasn't made a statement today. Instead of having to explain himself to his critics, Charlie is finally in a position to just give them a look and not have to say anything. And he showed his way can make shit happen.


Now to build on that. Get them through the clearinghouse and on campus for summer session classes.


What a day.



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