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Which QB is the fit for Gilbert's Offense?


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Beautiful recrootin news. Sounds like our football team next year will be ready to go and dependent on ONE position... QUARTERBACK.


And I believe that between the 5 on campus next year that 1 of em is indeed the answer. But only Lord knows which one that truly is...


We shall see

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from a poster on another board --


"I have a very close source to Temples' OC and got some answers to some questions I was curious about and I know some of you would like to hear. So everything I got is from Coach McGehee. I want to add that Coach McGehee coached the offense at Temple WITH Sterlin Gilbert and has been around Mattox a lot through his friendship with Gilbert.


- Coach McGehee said he likes Coach Strong and really likes his discipline and beliefs. I think this is pretty unanimous with most coaches but it's good to know it resonates at a big school for recruiting such as Temple.


- He said Mattox is one of the best people he has ever met. He cannot speak highly enough of his genuine, nice, and caring personality and thinks Mattox will do very well coaching at Texas.


- Sterlin lives for football and will work his ass off. He devotes all his time and effort into his job. He is 37 and has never been married. That's just THAT much more time he can put into work with less restrictions/responsibilities (that comes with a family) which would arguably be a big advantage.


- Coach McGehee said they need to find an elite QB (we all know) but he thinks they will find it, and sooner rather then later (idk if he has anyone in mind). He fully expects Gilbert to run the same exact offense he runs at Temple."

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More on Merrick, this from Burton --


" ...... I continue to hear that quarterback Matthew Merrick may have a chance in Sterlin Gilbert's offense. Merrick's got a strong arm, is reasonably athletic and has hit the weight room pretty hard since joining the Horns in August. Merrick's also an accomplished former point guard in basketball. That always seems to help because those guys seemingly understand the importance of getting the ball out quick, which will be a big factor in Gilbert's offense. Furthermore, Gilbert's offense does not put an incredible burden on the QB to make multiple reads on a play-by-play basis. So Merrick's relative lack of experience at the position may not be as big of a hurdle as many might expect. I'm not sitting here saying Matthew Merrick will be the starter come August. But I think he has as much or more of a chance than Kai Locksley......"

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At times i think some of us are enamored with a certain player and wanting to see that player succeed, including myself (heard, locksley). At this point I could care less who is the starting QB as long a they can win ball games and win in the big moments.


I'm right there with you. And I think we will see a huge difference in the QB development and play calling with Gilbert versus the last 2 years. 

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