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Carlos Lee declines trade from Astros


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Im not sure how many of you follow Astros baseball but tubby first baseman Carlos Lee vetoed his potential trade to the Dodgers using his limited no trade clause. IMO this is the biggest farce in the history of Astros baseball. Lee signed a 6 year 100 million $ deal 5 years ago, which was WAAAAAY more than he should have received. If I were the Astros I would bench his butt and make him watch the remainder of his contract from the dugout - just to prove a point.

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The grandiose salary Lee receives can be blamed on Drayton McClane. He had no idea how to pay players and usually paid the wrong ones, with the exception of the Killer Bees. Lee should have taken the trade because there is no possible way to justify paying him this much money on this poor of a team. He should have taken it because there is no way to be that stubborn knowing you suck that bad.

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