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Longhorn Volleyball

Donald Boyles

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I was at the game. First off, major props to the Nebraska team, they were very good. Their libero was outstanding and their freshman OH hitter, who was the MVP of the championship game, was frigging phenomenal and a beast! Also have to tip my hat to the Nebraska fans and the Omaha folks. They were all very cordial before and after the game, way different than their fans who came to San Antonio when they beat us for the Big XII Championship (which was their only win against us in football while in the conference).


Regarding Texas, the ladies just made way too many hitting errors against a very good Nebraska team. They also had issues with their serves, serve receive and defense. They just didn't play like they did on Thursday. On the plus side, Yasmeen Bedart-ghani is only a freshman and I thought she had the best Final 4 of our girls. Cat McCoy will be even better next year and we also have some real good talent who didn't play due to injuries so we should be well.


Even though we lost, I still am glad I went. Our fans did us proud folks. Of the NCAA-record crowd of 17,561 announced crowd, I'd say we were the 561 and the rest was all Nebraska with a couple of Kansas/Minnesota fans. However while we were small, we were loud and sang the Eyes before and after the game loudly and with pride!

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