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Coaching Carousel Nuclear Winter

J.B. TexasEx

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With a dozen openings already on the books still a week and a half ahead of Thanksgiving, the potential is there for this to be one of the most active coaching markets in recent memory. Being that coaching markets is our forte, we thought we’d conduct a thought experiment as to how wild this year’s coaching carousel can possible and (somewhat) realistically spin.


In short, what would happen if the coaching market went nuclear this winter? What events would have to take place for that to happen? We’ll lay out our case in stages, mimicking the chain reaction powers the coaching change cycle we see every year.



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As I have stated before, I wish someone would

pay me 15 million dollars to leave my job. Look at McHale from the Rockets, his wife whining on Twitter that her husband should not have been canned. He gets 12 million to not have to coach that team and a supposedly uncoachable "superstar" Harden. Looks like he is a winner here.

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some reports say Miles is out


— Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011

110-32 record at LSU (.774 winning percentage). Won the NC at end of 2007 season, lost the NC at end of 2011 season

(in the "rematch game" with Alabama). IMO, it is a great coaching job just to GET your team into the NC game. Miles can

be easy to dislike at times, but I'll bet a lot of college football fans around the country wish their school had done as well

since 2005, Miles' first year at LSU. 


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