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Yes - Meachem calls plays at TCU.  Of all the candidates listed above - Spurrier is the only one who called his own plays.  Most of the top offenses feature the HC as the play-caller.


As for Spurrier at aggy - that would be interesting.  Imagine it would take a lot of money, but I could see Spurrier looking at the OC gig as a part time position that would allow him plenty of time to golf. 


But, where do you play golf in Collie Station? Have they built a country club there recently?

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Crazy rumor out there that LSU is interested in Briles Sr. That'd be fun!



I dont know how i feel about this, I hate briles and baylor. He is a recruiting machine though, its scary to think what he could do with LSU. If he can turn baylor from a pot of dog shit lnto to a shiny turd then he would do pretty well at LSU. I feel like it would hurt our conference tremendously though.

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