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Burnt Ends - 11/9/2015

HornSports Staff

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The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker.


Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask...


Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends.




This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports.




The Temple duo of 2016 WR Davion Curtis and 2017 DE Taquon Graham made it to Austin this weekend to check out the game.  I spoke to a source that was with both players on the visit who said, “It was a great experience, both of them are sold”.  As we’ve reported, Curtis loves Texas and would jump all over an offer but it seems like that still might be a stretch.  It’s possible that he could get a later offer if Tren’Davian Dickson decommits, or if the Longhorns have something unexpected happen with their numbers.


Graham was offered by Texas today.  He’s probably the second best end in the state for 2017 behind only Lagaryon Carson and is a very talented player at a position of great need.  Neither player got a chance to speak with the coaches after the game, but they loved their experience and hope to get there for a game again this season.


We were able to catch up with Graham today after the offer came through.  Graham said the Texas coaches reached out to his high school staff to extend the offer, and Brian Jean-Mary is the recruiter for that area.  Apparently the offer made a big impression on the talented defensive end.  "It means a lot since I'm a Texas boy", Graham told us.  Since it's still early in the 2017 process, Graham said he hasn't had a chance to build much of a relationship with the staff but he was planning more visits to get to know them better.  As we reported, things look very good for Texas early on following a great visit to the Kansas game.  Davion Curtis could play a factor in this recruitment as both have said they wouldn't mind playing together.  If Texas were to get Curtis you could probably put Graham down as a commitment as well.  The important thing is that Texas was able to get into this recruitment early, and will have more than a year to close the deal.




We put you guys on commit watch last week, and though Malcolm Roach came through, there is another one out there we are aware of.  We aren’t revealing it until the player announces per their wishes, but it shouldn’t be hard to put together at this point.  The decision has been made, we are just holding our breath for the final announcement.




Southlake’s Lil’Jordan Humphrey is a one man offensive machine.  The big athlete can line up all over the field and make impacts in the run and pass game.  That’s exactly what he did on Friday night as Southlake Carroll cruised to a 56-7 victory over LD Bell on senior night.  Humphrey tallied three touchdowns rushing in the first half before exiting the game in the third quarter with the rest of the starters.  With the regular season behind them, Southlake will now turn to playoff preparation and their huge first round matchup with Cedar Hill.  While some teams would want an easier path through the playoffs, Humphrey is rising to the challenge.  “It’s going to be great, real electric” he told us.  “We’re just ready to play them.  We need to come out and prepare so we can get the win”.  The Texas UIL is trying out a pilot program in which the higher seeds in 6A ball host their opener instead of playing at a neutral site.  While Southlake is no stranger to headlining matchups at AT&T Stadium, Humphrey is excited about the prospect of playing in front of his home fans.  “It’s different, but it’s going to be great.  The crowd we have will be electric”, said Humphrey.  “It will be great to be here because we always play better when we are at home”.  The Carroll Dragons have a playoff tradition of each player bleaching their hair all the way through the playoff run.  Humphrey’s dreadlocks are highlighted on the tips in bleach and he told us that’s as far as he will go this season.  “I’m not doing anything exotic this time, I just want to keep it like it is”. 


On the recruiting front Humphrey is still fielding a lot of attention.  The Longhorns offered early for his services and are recruiting him as a receiver.  He took an unofficial visit to Texas early in the season and the Longhorns are still very much in the hunt here.  Humphrey told us he has not planned an official visit to Austin yet, but he is currently in the process of doing so.  Humphrey wanted to make a decision around this time of the year, but his suitors are giving him a lot to think about.  “It’s going good right now”, Humphrey said.  “I have a top 5, but I’m just trying to keep that to me right now until the season’s over with and see who else offers and if I like those schools”.  Humphrey doesn’t know when he will make a decision, but it will probably be after the season when he can sit down and think it over with his parents. 


When he does make the decision, Texas will be one of the programs he discusses and most people think the Horns sit at the top of the list for Humphrey.  So what is it about Texas that Humphrey likes?  “Great coaches, great school, tradition rich program.  I’m able to play early possibly if I work my butt off”.  Texas has a natural recruiter within the Southlake program in cornerback commit Obi Eboh who is indeed doing work on the Longhorns behalf.  “Obi’s trying to get me there”, Humphrey told us with a laugh.  “He’s real biased right now so I’m not trying to pay attention to him”.  The Dragons are expecting another deep playoff run, but if their season is ended early look for things to really pick up in Humphrey’s recruitment.




The TXHSFB playoffs crank up this week and as always HornSports will have you covered.  A new format in 6A has the higher seeds hosting their first round matchups instead of playing them at neutral sites like AT&T Stadium.  This has caused a drastic decrease to the Thursday and Saturday games so common in the first round so coverage will be a little disjointed.


On Thursday we will be covering Mansfield Lake Ridge against Dallas Samuell from the Gopher Bowl in Grand Prairie.  Lake Ridge is led on offense by Texas Tech commit and Elite 11 quarterback Jett Duffey on offense, while Texas target Loren Mondy stars on the defensive side of the ball.  Lake Ridge is a serious state contender.


On Friday we will be at the game of the week in Southlake to see a titanic first round matchup between the Dragons and defending state champion Cedar Hill.  Of course Southlake boasts the SLC 3 of Texas commit Obi Eboh, Oklahoma commit Robert Barnes, and Texas target Lil’Jordan Humphrey.  They will be facing a Cedar Hill team loaded with junior standouts like Avery Davis, Camron Buckley, and Charleston Rambo.  This type of game is usually reserved for the regional final but we are getting to see it right off the bat.

Saturday matchups prove to be of little interest to Horns fans so we are foregoing coverage that day in order to pay full attention to the Texas efforts in Morgantown.


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Seems like Curtis (and those around him) is at this point openly campaigning for a Texas offer - and not in the Kam Martin kind of way.  Clearly the kid loves the program.  Would be great to get both of those Temple kids in here.


That said, I saw that Donell Dunn tweeted out that he was pushing back his committment date due to 'new interest' from other schools - could that be Texas?  Would they take Dunn before Curtis?  One of the other sites had said back in the summer that Texas really liked Dunn at UTL.  Have you guys heard anything?

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Humphrey wanted to make a decision around this time of the year, but his suitors are giving him a lot to think about.  “It’s going good right nowâ€, Humphrey said.  “I have a top 5, but I’m just trying to keep that to me right now until the season’s over with and see who else offers and if I like those schoolsâ€.  Humphrey doesn’t know when he will make a decision, but it will probably be after the season when he can sit down and think it over with his parents. 



It's refreshing to see a recruit deliberate over his college suitors in private while not making a sideshow of his recruitment.


Humphrey sounds like a fine young man. He's a player who can project to WR, TE, or even DE if he chose to play defense!

Awesome, versatile, and humble athlete

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At this point, just offer the brother already.


He's not deserving of a scholarship.  We don't have a bad enough need for a WR to waste a scholarship on a kid that isn't going to contribute.  Id rather offer a kid like Curtis - who is good enough for a scholarship - and who may bring Whaley with him.

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