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Greg Davis is full of crap


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Read this on the Dallas Morning News link on the hornsports.com home page but it actually stems from an article Kirk Bohls wrote in the Statesman last Sunday, but Greg Davis had the audacity to complain about the lack of a "supporting cast" around garrett Gilbert.


What a crock of shit. This guy was the definition of lazy in the offensive side of things. Hope Iowa likes sideways passing because greg Davis cannot call a play throw downfield. Ass.


Ex-Texas OC: Garrett Gilbert didn't have strong supporting cast with Horns, 'things will work out' at SMU | SMU Mustangs News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW

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His time in Austin was overextended without question but he was not a bad guy. The criticism is directed at his offensive schemes which relied on the athleticism of Vince Young and Colt McCoy. If he wants to blame anyone he should take part of the blame for his lack of recruiting. We will see how he does with Ferentz and the Hawkeye offense. They return Vandenberg the Senior at QB so he already has that going for him.

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Ferentz is in a win or go home position at Iowa this year so it should be interesting to see how it plays out. Believe it or not Greg Davis could be the head coach at Iowa at some point in the next year or two if they are marginal. I dislike Davis because of the struggles our team experienced since Vince but it is hard to complain about the job him and Coach Brown did before that. I think he recruited well but I, like you guys think he should share the blame. For him to make the statement about Gilbert = him sharing the blame. I wish the guy well at Iowa but he is not a great offensive mind, at least not these days.

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I don't want to defend GG but let's not act like he had what Colt (Charles, Shipley, Cosby, Finley, Studdard, Blalock, etc) and VY (everything) when they took the reigns as QB. He didn't have the juice to get it done but he started lightyears behind where VY and Colt did as far as talent around him.

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There were a lot of things that went wrong during Davis' last year. Recruiting started slacking off when things started pointing to Mack retiring and Muschamp taking the reigns.


This year is a huge year for Harsin/Applewhite. They better perform or they will get more heat than their used to.

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You're serious???


I think it can be said that last years lack of QB development puts a big question mark on Harsin. His QB rotation, which may indeed be Mack's, his play calling at times, etc.


This is a big year for Harsin/Applewhite.

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