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Staff Predictions: Iowa State

Mike Roach

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Mike Roach
On paper Texas is a much better team currently trending up while Iowa State is in all sorts of disarray.  Ames can be a bermuda triangle at times where odd things happen and teams are lulled into lackluster performances.  Iowa State will be looking to rally from a week that saw Offensive Coordinator Mark Mangino dismissed following a loss to Baylor.  A new offense and quarterback could give Texas something they haven't been able to see on film, and the Cyclones present a strong a running game and size at receiver.  The Longhorns are looking to keep momentum going after two straight wins and will most likely try to continue to lean on their physical running game.  The key will be Jerrod Heard finding more success in the passing game because I believe they will need to air it out at times on Saturday night.  Two touchdowns from Tyrone Swoopes and the 18 Wheeler package along with a passing score from heard to John Burt will push the Horns out in front but they won't be able to put Iowa State away until the defense forces a turnover late in the game sets Jonathan Gray up to polish the Cyclones off.
Score Prediction: Texas 31 Iowa State 20
Ryan Bridges

I want to pick Texas, but my reverse jinx game is strong right now. The team gets full of itself, Heard is banged up, Iowa State rallies around a new QB — take your pick.

Score Prediction: Iowa State 30 Texas 24
Aaron Carrara

Two years ago Texas left Ames with a narrow victory. Cyclone fans haven't forgotten the perceived wrong call on Jonathan Gray's fumble, which led to the Longhorns taking the lead late in the game and hanging on for a win - and neither has Paul Rhoads. Texas is riding a two-game winning streak and Iowa State has lost five of their last six games, including three straight. Texas has found recent offensive and defensive success while Iowa State recently replaced its offensivecoordinator and went in another direction at the quarterback position.


The Longhorns can't afford to downplay the significance of this game despite the recent string of losses by the Cyclones. A fired up crowd will make things tough for Jerrod Heard, who has yet to win a true away game at quarterback. Texas will pound the run which has paid handsome dividends over the last handful of games. Iowa State's unknown offensive potential might include a few tricks along the way, and an improved Texas defense will need to be ready for the task. Paul Rhoads is a capable coach that cannot be underestimated.


Look for Swoopes to play another big role in this game converting goal line scores and 3rd downs. Heard will operate as an effective game manager in the win feeding the ball to his horses D'Onta Foreman and Johnathan Gray.


This one is close most of the night but ends with the 'Horns being treated instead of tricked.


Score Prediction: Texas - 38, Iowa State 35

Taylor Smith


The last two Texas / Iowa State games have been decided in the last couples seconds of the game, both in Texas’ favor. The Cyclones will be looking for revenge, and the Longhorns their first road win of the season. Texas has jumped out early in their last two victories, 14-0 against Oklahoma and 10-0 against Kansas State, and I expect to see the same thing this week. Iowa State will score, so if Texas jumps out with an early lead and continues to score, the Longhorns will win.

Score Prediction: Texas: 31 Iowa State: 24
Chris Flanagan


The Texas-Iowa State game. A game no one thinks that the records should be ignored but they really should be. The last two meetings have been decided by a total of 4 points. So the question is, will this game in Ames be closer to the 2013 game or the 2011 game? My guess is the 2011 game.

Score Prediction: Texas 35 Iowa State 10

Jon Nemec

Another win for the embattled Longhorns is always a great thing this season. Despite the weather Texas and Strong were able to exercise some demons and take down the Purple Wizard, who may be on his last leg, in a dominating fashion I did not expect. Texas is now 7-9 against Kansas State. Now on to Iowa State.


The biggest headline is the fact that head coach Paul Rhodes has fired OC Mark Mangino. It also looks like ISU could be heading in a different direction at the quarterback position. A dual threat QB has given Texas some fits this year, but with a new QB in place coaching staff turmoil look for Texas to roll on a Halloween night. Texas’ offensive line continues to improve and they have also found a successful run game, Gray surpassed 100 yards this past weekend. Look for Texas to do the same, but also to air it out more. The run game should open up the passing game especially down the field.


The pass rush has finally started to arrive and nobody is throwing the ball to Holton Hill’s side of the field. The defense will improve and will shut down the new ISU quarterback. I think I am buying into the hype of crazy things happening in Ames, especially on Halloween night. But the defense will step up and Malik will have a dominate game. Lastly, Iowa State just isn’t a good team. Plain and simple. Texas wins.


Score Prediction: Texas 31 Iowa State 10

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