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Trojan War

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The USC 30 for 30 I finally got a chance to watch it, it's one of the better ones a must watch for college football fans and there's quite a bit about the 05 Texas team. Watching it makes me miss when Texas was a national powerhouse there were so many nfl players in that game. The SC team was cocky as hell and we saw how that ended lol. I know some aren't but I'm convinced Charlie brings us back on top Hook EM

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I've watched it several times now. I agree that it's one of ESPN's better efforts in the 30-for-30 series. A couple of my thoughts:


1. The director and producer brilliantly played this with regard to the Vince Young was the real Heisman winner idea. They never came out and just said it, but the film leaves no doubt that this is the prevailing thought.


2. I enjoyed being taken inside the SC program, in the period in question. You heard the headlines, rumors, etc., but this gave you a direct view inside. It's amazing to me how Carroll handled all of those egos at the same time.


3. The highlight, for me, was when Matt Leinhart took back the words he said after the game about how the best team not winning. It shouldn't have, but it meant something to me.


4. The more I watch that game, the more I think that stop on 4th and 2 may have been a bigger play than Vince getting into the end zone. At the time, I did not think we'd stop them on that play.


5. This documentary should serve to remind us of how fast a program can transform from one suffering to one dominating, and back to suffering again. 


6. There was a ton of talent on that USC team that did not get interviewed for this film. That's regrettable. 


I can't say this wasn't just half about USC. The viewer can't help but have the Longhorns in their mind the whole time they're watching this. You start off being warned that it comes down to the Texas game. USC died on that night and Vince officiated the services. He even killed the belief that Reggie Bush was the real Heisman winner.




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