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Wait. So this is what a real UT AD does?


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From the desk of….Mike Perrin
Longhorns are not fair weather fans!

Texas Fight!

We certainly did on Saturday. What a day at DKR!

Against predictions of monumental rain totals, we stood strong against Kansas State and fought for a tough, well-earned Big 12 victory.

But that wasn't the only reason to celebrate.

The entire crowd joined the band in a rendition of Happy Birthday to honor the 90th of Ms. Edith Royal. She gamely braved the elements to serve as honorary captain for the game, and stayed until the final horn sounded.

We all celebrated the well-deserved induction of one of our own, Ricky Williams, into the National Football Foundation's College Football Hall of Fame.

And we joined to honor the memory of Sunrise Studly, better known as Bevo XIV.

All of these were big moments, but our fans created the biggest moments for me on Saturday.

While the predicted rain did not fall in quite the prolific amounts the meteorologists had suggested, it most certainly fell. A lot of it. And it became progressively worse as the game proceeded.

Getting to the stadium, navigating around closed streets to locate parking, and then battling wind and rain to make it to seats was tough.

Our operations team, with great support from the University and the folks at UPD, did an amazing job of preparing for any circumstance. By and large the day went off without a hitch.

But it was wet. Really wet. And the wind blew. And the rain kept coming.

But through it all, the group -- admittedly one of the smaller we've seen in the stadium -- that stuck through the game supported our Longhorns in full voice, the entire game. You motivated our players, and our players motivated you.

Combine that with the celebrations, and to me it was a beautiful fall day of football in Austin.

Thanks for your support. Our student athletes, our coaches, the Athletics Department and the University appreciate you.

We'll see you Nov. 7 when the Kansas Jayhawks come to town, and at the many other athletic department events between now and then.

Hook 'em!


[Article with fan shots]




And he's just an interim!

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