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Astros and MLB Playoffs

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So, at minimum a playoff with the Angels for Wildcard on Monday. 


They're still a year ahead of schedule, and I don't think they're ready for an extended post-season run, but this is a great experience for their young guys. 



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Here's the breakdown:


- Astros win plus Angels win = one game playoff in Arlington on Monday to determine division winner vs. wild card
- Astros win plus Rangers win = Astros win wild card (wild card game in New York if Yankees win tomorrow or in Houston if Yankees lose)
- Astros loss plus Angels win = one game playoff in Houston on Monday to determine wild card
- Astros loss plus Rangers win = Astros win wild card and play at NYY on Tuesday

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I'm a Rangers fan. But I'm absolutely hoping for the best for the Astros. As a Rangers fan, I know the struggle you guys have experienced for so long. If it's not going to be the Rangers in the WS this year, I'd love to see you guys get that opportunity. It's been entertaining to see your scrappy young squad win games.

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What is the point of a Rangers fan having to give their disclaimer in this thread.? It has no pertinence to the subject. If you came here to wish good luck to the Stros just say so. No preamble please.


I'm a Rangers fan but ... Is no way to enter our thread.

I'm a Pirates fan and also routing for the Astros.

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Qualls, SMH.  :blink:



I was in panic mode when the announcers mentioned Qualls was up in the pen.  I feel Hinch has done a remarkable job this year with the exception of Chad Qualls.  I certainly hope he is somewhere else next year.  Why would you get beat pitching an old man, in tense situations when you have numerous young guy's with much more raw ability?

I would rather have Dallas K, hungover,  pitch to Alex Rod than Qualls.

On the 2015 squad, Houston has 5 players making about 23 million that I hope are moved this off season and the money used better for 2016.  

I never expected the Astros to do nearly as well as they have this season.  I expected a repeat of last year.

Go Stros

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