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Allegations against Louisville (Basketball)


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ESPN NCAA Investigating Louisville Book


Both Louisville and the NCAA are conducting an investigation regarding a book being released by the Indianapolis Business Journal. In said book, there are allegations of using escorts in their recruitment of players. There will be photos and statements from the escort(s) included in the book. From a Texas perspective, this could be interesting as Louisville AD Tom Jurich is on our short list to fill our vacant AD position. Tom Jurich and Rick Pitino are both denying any knowledge. Andre McGee, a former Louisville Player/Graduate Assistant and Current Director of Basketball Operations is the main focus of the investigation.

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so explain to me the difference between using escorts and using the sorority gals in the recruitment process

Wait, do we have to explain it twice?! My hope is the sorority gals and cheerleaders don't encourage the behaviors that the Louiseville incident entailed. Paying for "services" definitely not a good way to represent your program. Not that no paying for services but receiving them would be a good method as well....I'm going to stop here, not sure where this is going! You know what I mean.

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