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2015 Recruiting Thread

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Lol I've been telling y'all about this secret commit for a while now, I'm assuming the issue is that he's committed to another school and doesn't want anyone to know, me and my source are actually goo

As much fun as all this aggy trollin is, there is a deeper, much more meaningful and powerful message being delivered. The players are aware of what people were saying this season due to the bad loss

#LetsRide , I've been so busy lately what's up everyone!?   CS has been the hardest working man in college football, the man is on a mission. Keep in mind as I reported last week, he's making all t

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Looks like Jalen Overstreet is still taking his opportunities & Athleticism for granted




Not that any on here particularly cares - but I'm an SHSU fan - and this happened before their matchup with McNeese (McNeese is currently ranked #5 and leads the conference, the Bearkats are #9 in the nation and a win would have put them in first place).  Overstreet is the Bearkats leading rusher, and LaDarius Brown is the leading receiver - both were suspended for the game.


Needless to say SHSU did not win.


Live by the 'troubled player' transfer, die by the 'troubled player' transfer.

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My friend's son is a starting safety for SHSU as a freshman. I follow them as well. Too bad a few knuckleheads can ruin a team by making stupid choices. Correct me if I'm wrong: didn't brown get kicked off of TCUs team as well?


Yes - LaDarius Brown was a very talented high school kid (he was a 4star and top 20 player in Texas in 2011 - he had offers from Auburn, Ags, Nebraska, Oklahoma) who spent three seasons at TCU and was their leading receiver before he was arrested for marijuana and kicked off the team his junior year.

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That is mostly done by big recruits. Do you think this is a big name? I thought it was Denzel Oakfor but I really don't see him wanting to do it on TV doesn't seem like that type of kid.


It's Okafor. Says he's trying to set up on Fox 4 News in Dallas. Says he wants to do it this weekend or maybe even during this week.

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