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2015 Recruiting Thread

HornSports Staff

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I hope Porter committing today moves anyone that was


on the fence back in our favor.


I hope Fowler-Hudson-Jones & Anderson are seeing the excitement


happening right now and they want to be a part of it.


Hudson would be a cherry on top if he committed but I think we got a great O-line haul this class. 


I say he sticks with Rape U. 

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Burton also CBd PHud to Texas


How about that?


Most days I dont care for Burton, but today I like him


Where did he have him previously? Just curious if this is a change of heart or that Burton was unable to CB him to BU since he was already committed.

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my wilbon statement was pure speculation on my part, I was just thinking about who we could possibly do without in this class, and he's probably the least talented of all of our D Line prospects


No worries, everyone is doing the best they can with what they got

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