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2015 Recruiting Thread

HornSports Staff

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....I told you all that I have a friend who is on the Texas staff who told me about Brandon Jones weeks ago and when I posted it here y'all didn't believe me

I told y'all that Robinson was going back to USC last week and y'all didn't believe me ...............


Is this true?  Did you you get called out for posting those things?

I am not saying its not true, only that I dont remember it.

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Billy Liucci is known to be somewhat more realistic than The Hampster.  He says --


- Irv Smith "nearly decommitted" 2 weeks ago. 


- Mark Jackson is a "serious risk to flip to Texas or ou." [decapitalization mine]


- Brandon Jones has no plans to visit aggy but they "are trying to trick him into it."   Says Texas and Baylor have "forced their way in the door and are now sitting comfortably on the couch with Ol' Sarge."


- On Hudson, he admits aggy "might not even get a visit."


- On McCulloch, he says the "smart money" is that its UT v. aggy (ND and Stanford on the outside)


- Admits Cuffee is a "hard Texas lean" and may cancel aggy visit

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Mike based off of your recruiting stars matters study, what do you think this class needs to get to at worst to field a team to compete for a natty?


It's not what I think. It is what the data shows. IN a nutshell. You have to have a roster of at least 4 stars or better and have I believe at least 2-3 top 10 finishes in the years leading up the NC run. Now with that said meeting the criteria does not guarantee that you will compete for a NC, however without meeting the criteria you really have no shot at playing for a NC. I am sure at some point a team with much lower class rankings with break through but at this point it just has not happened. 

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