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Ags played Ball State, a guaranteed win. Just wait till sec play starts and the pansies are off the schedule and they start getting drilled, the attendance will suffer.

Maybe, maybe not


SEC fans travel better than anyone. Bama, Auburn, Miss State, etc. can help them fill Pyle. That's a BIG reason why they moved in the first place.

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As much as I hate the aggies, they are doing some things right at the moment. Our problems is a series of missteps over the last decade.


I was there for the Rice game and hopefully will get to make more home games. Unfortunately 2 knee operations and starting a new business causes money to be burned mighty fast.

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Everyone that has wanted Patterson gone better step up and buy tickets then show up for games.

I`m not defending how Patterson treated people or that his money grabbing was right because he needed to be gone.

Patterson did clean the stale culture of football and basketball programs by removing Brown and Barnes while making grand slam hires in Strong and Smart.

Patterson also has upgraded fan experience at DKR and the Drum plus bonus of the new food options with beer and wine sales.

His failures though are just catastrophic to piss off donors while begging for donations that type of leadership isn`t likely to receive many quality.happy endings.

While Patterson`s tenure was short someone had to make changes in football and basketball now new A.D. can kiss babies and sweet talk the big donors while fund raising.

Texas has better chance to return to top form because of Patterson`s hires of Charlie and Shaka.

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