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Prayers for the Cotcher family

Aaron Carrara

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You may have noticed that Matt has been relatively quiet on the site for the last few weeks.  He he has been dealing with some significant family issues.


Most of you know that Matt, co-publisher and managing editor here at HornSports, is a cancer survivor.  Eight years ago he suffered from a brain tumor that attached itself to his brain stem.  Post surgery his recovery was lengthy, and his way of life changed.  I've spent enough time with Matt to know that he is STILL adapting to this new way of life.  Matt is a fighter - he's faced the challenge head-on and , frankly, it's extremely impressive how he's handled it.  


Matt has been through a lot.  Just about every time we talk he tells me about a doctor he went to... or a therapist he is trying out..  


He's scheduled to climb Mt Kilamanjaro next year.  Yep, he's a champion for all cancer survivors.


Recently I received a message from Matt that his dad, who lives out of state, was being taken to the hospital due to being unresponsive.  


The next time we communicated he told me his dad was unresponsive because the doctors had found a brain tumor.


His dad had brain surgery approximately two weeks ago and he has been meeting with doctors and oncologists since.


The most recent meeting with the oncologist wasn't favorable.




Please offer prayers and well-thoughts for Matt's dad, Matt and his entire family.  It's tough enough for the family to have to go through this once, but they are reliving it again.


Matt is helping his family out, taking care of his dad and mom. Please keep them all in your prayers.


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Dennis pretty much exhausted my tolerance for sympathy. All I have left right now is frustration.


Matt, it doesn't seem as if a blood donor can help, but if you can direct us to how we might help someone else, let me know. If we can't help your dad, maybe we can deal with our frustrations by helping someone.


I'm still pissed off about Dennis.


God, I miss those days when were were in Austin and thought we were going to be millionires by the time we were 30.

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Thanks, y'all. It's been a long couple of weeks. Dad is in an inpatient rehab facility in North Georgia while recovering from the brain surgery.


We met with the oncologist yesterday - Dad is scheduled to start a 6.5 week gamut of chemo & radiation on Monday (9/21). Please keep praying - we need it.

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Matt, I e-watched you rebuild your world and your body after what you went through. If anyone can get through this it is you and your family. I am terribly saddened to hear the news of your father and I will keep him and your family in my prayers. Stay strong and when you feel it slip, lean on this community and we will help.


God Bless you Matt

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