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Staff Predictions: Rice

Mike Roach

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Chris Flanagan


Texas probably should have played Rice first given all the hell Charlie Strong has taken this past week. However, Rice is no pushover and could upset the Longhorns in front of a likely pathetic crowd. Nothing can be gained in this game but much more could be lost. I expect the Longhorns to take advantage of the situation and get their first win and touchdown of the season. 

Score Prediction: Texas wins 31-10 
Jon Nemec


The home opener in Austin gets started Saturday and football has finally arrived at DKR. Don’t underestimate this Rice team; with all the fallout of last week’s game and the staff shakeup it is pretty easy to forget that there is a home game. Rice yes is a C-USA team but they are no slouch. They can get a lot hidden talent being nestled in the Houston area, and they had a defensive tackle drafted by the Houston Texans this past draft. Also, their first game they had four players rush for over seventy yards and all of them scored at least once.


Despite Rice being an underrated team I expect Texas to win this one. I hope this Texas team just circles the wagons, let’s the Notre Dame game out of their head and come ready to win and get this season going in the right direction. Overall more talent and athletic ability should win out for Texas this game. If the defense tightens up like they should, and the offense moves the ball Texas should win no problem.


The biggest disappointment already is the Might Owl Band is not traveling to the game, bummer.


Score Prediction:  Texas wins 31 to 17. 



Aaron Carrara 


The Longhorns are reeling after the Notre Dame loss but don’t expect Rice to march in and snap the current twelve game win streak the Longhorns hold over the Owls.  The offense will look a bit rusty in the first half but Texas eventually pulls away  in the second half.  Jerrod Heard will get more than his share of snaps under center in the win and Johnathan Gray pushes the 100 yard mark.  The Owls racked up over 400 yards on the ground against Wagner and only threw the ball twelve times in last week’s 56-16 win. Expect more of the same from the Rice offense tomorrow night in Austin.  Texas wins its 13th in a row against Rice.


Score Prediction:  Texas - 38, Rice - 24



Mike Roach


I'm actually feeling quite good about this game for the Longhorns.  I think fans have overreacted a bit to last week's result combined with the expected change in offense.  Texas will need to contain Driphus Jackson and shut down the Rice running game, but I think they can do it.  On offense I expect a heavy dose of the Texas running game led by Jonathan Gray.  The offense might sputter at the beginning of the game, but Jerrod Heard will take over and start to make some positive strides as Norvell finds his playcalling legs.  Malik Jefferson will make an impact defensive play that puts Texas in a position to extend the score late in the game.  The Texas defense will get some confidence this week and hold Rice to one touchdown.


Score Prediction: Texas 41 Rice 16




Ryan Bridges


Now that we've had a week to overreact, let's have some perspective. Texas has a very good defensive line that encountered an elite offensive line last week. Rice's offensive line is not elite. In fact, it returns only two starters from last season, and the next most experienced lineman will be starting his third game ever. I expect the Texas DL to overwhelm Rice's front five and wreak havoc. Texas' offense is anyone's guess. No one outside of the team knows what it was supposed to look like last week, and no one outside of the team knows what it will look like with Jay Norvell and Jeff Traylor's tweaks. We'll see Jerrod Heard early and he'll be electric. The offensive line is going to be a work in progress all season, but there are capable playmakers outside and in the backfield. The run threat Heard presents should put enough stress on Rice — and several other teams on Texas' schedule — to open things up a bit for those guys. Johnathan Gray is going to run angry, and that's not a good thing for the other team. And I'm looking forward to seeing more of the freshmen.


Score Prediction: Texas 31 Rice 14


Will Baizer


The Longhorns are able to keep Rice's running attack grounded as our defensive line looks much improved from last week. We out athleticize them on the offensive front and the offense looks much improved as well. Im expecting the defense to have at least one touchdown. This game will be a very good practice game for this new Longhorns offense and a good rebound for the defense.


Score Prediction: Texas 35 Rice 10




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Watson, Swoopes & the OL were the whipping posts this week, but against Rice it's the defense that needs to improve. If the D struggles against the Owls, then Cal will carve them up next week. Tonight each unit needs to take a step forward from last week's effort (and the coaches need to not call the game like they're trying to protect the inexperienced players).


As Strong is fond of saying, "It's a process. We have to get better each week."


Texas 26

Rice 20

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Texas needs to keep offensive playbook to 5 or 6 plays each with run/pass option try to get to basics use same plays with different formations and different personnel . Texas needs to establish a true read option offense where the QB is a threat to run. Texas needs to get ball to Daje, Armanti , Newsome on jet sweeps and short quick passing game . Finally Texas needs Heard to take over QB get the future started now.

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