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I just want to see improvement!

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I am over 50 years of age and have seen my share of Great Longhorn Football Teams and those that were not so great. I need Charlie to show me with each game his team is getting better that is it plan and simple.  We all know when a team is showing improvement and you can actually see the change on the field even when they get beat. I am seeing to many College teams with young college players and no name QB's  showing improvement from last year.  I thought Coach Chad Morris did an excellent job with SMU last week when you consider how awful they were last year.  The people at SMU are actually excited about their program where I am more concerned and confused about our prospect.  Teams can show improvement in a Coache's first year despite not having their recruits as I get tired of hearing excuses that these are not his players.  The minute you accept the job those kids are your players . I just need to see improvement and that needs to be shown in each and every game. 

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Totally agree..... The biggest disappointed was offensively, nothing changed.

No improvement anywhere..... I believe this weeks Rice game will tell the tale as to where we are.

Against ND it could be argued, we we outmatched because of our talent level and youth.

Against Rice, I wouldn't think those two points to be a factor... It's going to take some time,

But I also believe..... Charlie's the one to do it.... He may need to evaluate the entire staff and make some tough decisions at years end.

Hoping for a better showing Saturday...

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Kinda sad that UT was so overwhelmed and over-matched by ND. 


I like to think we should compete with anybody, but that clearly is no longer the case. It is what it is. Just show me weekly improvement and a coherent offensive game plan.




Its gonna be at least 2 more years before we can start being truly competitive with just about any team we play, that is if Charlie and staff remain on the job.

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I just don't see how this arrangement is going to work. You have a QB coach who didn't understand how to run the new offense, so he obviously doesn't know how to coach a duel threat QB...How is he going to function and help our QBs ???? 


Pretty sure the only thing Watson will be working with the QB's in on passing mechanics/footwork etc.  At least I hope that's all he'll be doing.

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He sure can't help coach up QBs on the zone read option. Or maybe Swoopes just never could read the DE? Or didn't want to keep it?


Watson never wanted to run the zone read or spread. Just like all the reports out right now say, the offense (spread & zone read) was installed this summer yet you see what Watson did during the ND debacle. He went right back to the shit show offense he calls his own. As far as I'm concerned, he straight up lied to Charlie, the staff, players and Longhorn fans everywhere. Either he never had any intention of going to it when the season started or he just flat out panicked when the game started.  

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All  I know is I  want to see improvement from our players, our coaches, and our stats.  I don't mind getting beat if we are just not developed physically yet with a young team, however   a lot of teams with those same issues are still able to put up good yardage and passing stats on offense and make the other team EARN their Victory. 

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There is another rumor out there that an unnamed coach on the offense was insulted that a high school coach thought he could come in and fix things

I have more confidence in that high school coach recognizing the schemes necessary to get the ball in the hands of the play makers. I'm not claiming he is the next Malzahn or Morris but this guy knows football.  Plus he has the resume to back it up.

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A Win vs a Lose is improvement so I will take it even if it is against Rice. A lot of teams struggled yesterday so again this victory was a much needed improvement.  I felt Heard was also an improvement over Swoops as Heard shows speed.  The OL still struggled and until we have a team that can move the ball on the ground then....well everyone understands that issue.  The Defense was my biggest disappointment as I thought we be much improved against Rice but that was not so! Next week against California I want to see better tackling, and pressure. The defense needs to play with wreckless passion and excitment. I want a defense that gets me pumped up and excited, one that Recruits see and they go "Yeah I want to be a part of this Wild Bunch".... that is the improvement I want to see next week. 

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