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Announcement: "The Brown Bag" - Q&A with former UT QB James Brown

HornSports Staff

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We hope you guys are as excited as we are about this, but we are pleased to announce former University of Texas quarterback James Brown will be contributing to the site in the form of a Q&A several times each month.  The piece will be called "The Brown Bag" and will resemble a mailbag format in which members can ask questions and James will provide a response.


Brown was the quarterback from 1993 - 1997 under then head coach John Mackovic and was the Southwest Conference offensive player of the year in 1995.


Brown played Arena League football after leaving Texas and in 2004 starting coaching high school football.  He eventually made his way to coaching the college ranks, coaching in his hometown of Beaumont, TX under Lamar Coach (and former Texas player) Ray Woodard.  He spend 4 years at Lamar before moving on to coach high school ball at KIPP Academy Charter School in Houston.


While James gave Texas fans many memorable moments during his time under center with the Longhorns, he is remembered most for the following play against 3rd ranked Nebraska in the inaugural Big 12 Championship in 1996:



He changed the Texas program in a lot of ways as a quarterback and in our opinion, was the catalyst for helping awaken a sleeping giant in Austin.




We will post his responses to them early next week.


Hook'Em, ya'll.





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His first game/start against ou and of course the inaugural Big XII Championship game will always be my fondest memories of James Brown.


Speaking of the 1st Big XII championship game, the NU fans really didn't like your comment "Maybe we'll beat them by 21 pts". Did the NU players talk a lot of smack to you early in the game about your remark and then afterwards, were they gracious enough to congratulate you?


On the Roll Left call, were you surprised at Mackovic's call and how open D Lewis was?

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1. I finally wore a hole in my James Brown footie PJs - where can I get another pair and will you autograph them?


2. Which UT game did you enjoy playing the most (regardless of outcome)?


3. Would you have liked to play in the type of spread offenses of today?

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James, how does coaching high school ball differ with what you recall as a player? I'm a woman, passionate about football, and a high school teacher. Do you feel that kids have less self-discipline now? How does that impact what you can do?

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