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Proof Watson should go?


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One thing that frustrates me about the offensive playcalls is the focus on moving the ball east and west as opposed to north and south. I thought this was why Greg Davis ended up getting fired. Too many side to side screens and Jet-Sweeps, not enough north and south focus. 



You do understand that the focus of the spread attack is going east and west don't you?


If you want to go north and south, then we need an OL. . . . 

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Not a chance. Things are looking bad right now but we have some really capable staff members. The problem is, most of them are being hindered by their superior. 


Norvell has worked wonders with receivers. Traylor is practically considered a high school football legend. I mean his old High School is naming their Stadium after him now. If anyone has a chance to show his worth this year, it's Traylor. Who I'm guessing won't be a TE Coach for too terribly long. You also have Jean-Mary and Brick Haley who are highly respected defensive coaches on your staff. Bedford is good as well and also happens to be a UT alum. I'm honestly convinced Bedford simply wasn't left with enough in the backfield to find success at this point. That could change if he'd start the very capable freshman corners we picked up in '15. 


The biggest problem is obviously Watson. You have multiple Offensive Coaches who have a history of running a fast paced mostly spread offense. And then you have a Coordinator, supervising those three, who only wants to run a pro-style offense. I truly believe that we'll see progress on the defensive side of the ball throughout the remainder of this season. It's simply going to involve bringing in more of those underclassmen. 


That is pretty much spot on for what I see. Watson, while a capable OC in other parts of the country, is simply not a good mesh for either the types of players in Texas nor the staff he has. I think that if he does get the hook this year, you will see an almost immediate positive impact. Nothing "great" but I think the "true" spread is able to hide the weak spots better.

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