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Instanalysis from South Bend

Matt Cotcher

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Our fans were so loud it got the baseball announcers attention (ex Astros announcer Jim DeShaies is the one of the two who knew what was going on)

Sadly ironic that those fans who traveled so well never had a chance to be heard like this at the football game

Lastly, I got $10 bucks that says aggy, as is their wont, tries to duplicate this moment at some point in near future



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Excluding the true freshmen, did the play of anyone on the team improve over the Spring/Summer?

Several were worse - Haines, Flowers, Green Mile, Thomas (I guess?)

Who did this coaching staff make better?


(Rose doesnt count)



This wasn't rhetorical

Anyone have an answer?

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A few days ago, it was reported Saban is unhappy where he is



Nick Saban said to be ‘frustrated’ and unhappy at Alabama

By Larry Brown
Nick Saban is signed to be the football coach at Alabama through 2022, but there is no guarantee he lasts that long in Tuscaloosa. In fact, one latest speculative piece of info suggests it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Saban leave Bama before too long.
Football Scoop posted a story asking writers to make bold coaching predictions for next year. Scott Roussel, who is very plugged-in to the coaching landscape, boldly predicted that Saban would not be the Crimson Tide coach next season.
"I can’t support it by reportable facts, and of course there is no pressure from the administration; but from folks in the profession, I keep hearing 'Nick isn’t happy,' 'Nick seems miserable,' 'Nick is very frustrated,' and I can foresee the very real possibility that Nick pulls the rip cord and ejects from Tuscaloosa after this season. Where that parachute will land, well, that has to play out, but I don’t suspect T-Town will be Nick’s final coaching stop."
Saban has been visibly frustrated with Alabama’s quarterback situation, but does that mean he would leave the program? He is making at least $6.9 million per year as Bama’s head coach and guaranteed to always be one of the highest-paid coaches in the country. He has the respect financially and professionally. He has said he plans to retire at Alabama. But as we well know with him, Saban’s word is difficult to trust. The man flirted with the Texas job in 2013 but stayed in Tuscaloosa.
-- more at the link --
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