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Instanalysis from South Bend

Matt Cotcher

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So we score over 20 one time in the Strong area (per another post I saw on this board) and we're giving up 16 to Rice?


Tejas, my apologies man. I made the post that you are referencing and after re-reading it I realize how confusing it was. 


Let me try again and hope I do better.


Under Strong and Watson, Texas has scored less than 20 points in 7 out of 14 games. And in 6 of those 7 games, Texas scored less than 10 points. 


I hope this makes more sense now. Sorry about that. 

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Got to nitpick a little here. In the OP, Matt says "Heard was self-sacked twice (with an assist from porous OL play)."


I'll give you that on the first sack but no way the second sack was a "self-sack". Three guys were on Heard before he had a chance to do anything. 


I haven't made it back yet, so I don't have a DVR in front of me...if memory serves on the 2nd play, Heard got a shotgun snap, hesitated (like he didn't know the play), then hurriedly tried to make the read exchange with the RB (almost fumbling it). By the time he had the ball secured, the Irish linemen were converging.


You're correct, there was plenty of blame to go around on the play.

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WHAT WE’LL BE TALKING ABOUT: It’s not all about Notre Dame. Though the Irish proved themselves worthy of their preseason hype, the Longhorns’ performance yielded enormous concerns over the validity of an offseason transitioning toward a spread-based foundation. Not the defense was without its own concerns: Texas had its moment of activity in the Notre Dame backfield, but the inept play of this secondary is confusing, given Charlie Strong’s defensive background.


But the offense is a disaster, and the main reason why Strong’s second season may resemble his first — in the standings, at least. Nowhere will the lack of punch be more evident — and more of an Achilles' heel — than during league play, when the Longhorns will be forced to score in bunches to keep pace with Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma and the rest of the Big 12 Conference. 

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It is the same offense, we just sped it up.

We practiced snap timing to cut the length of time between snaps.

They were measuring it and can quote you the elapsed time average.



also from that USA Today ^^^ piece on us --


It’s been suggested that the Texas offense made an offseason move toward this century, scrapping a pro-style system predicated on timing and perfection for a spread-based, up-tempo slant in the vein of conference rivals Baylor and TCU, let alone the wide majority of high schools within the program’s home state.
Yet this isn’t quite true: Texas’ offense isn’t different, exactly — in fact, it’s the same offense at its core, simplified slightly through terminology, merely run at a quicker speed.  As a potential solution, it’s akin to fixing a broken bicycle chain by pedaling faster.
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