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Vance Bedford talking Texas Defense

Will Baizer

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  • The more I listen to Coach Vance Bedford and his ideas/morales/etc the more I love the man.
  • He likes the turtle neck
    • personally I'm a fan of collars but maybe the turtle neck will become Charlie Strongs hounds tooth hat 
  • On CB
    • I'm glad to hear PJ Locke will be playing Nickel. I thought he'd become a CB and that's a great way to work him into it.
    • Big news is Duke Thomas will be starting at Nickel and John Bonney will be the number 1.
      • There is really no wrong way to play our corners. I've tried to look at why this may be bad, but John Bonney is a wonderful cover 2 corner or a nickel corner. Same with Duke Thomas.
        • You either have your best corner covering the number 1 WR or you have him covering the most athletic guy (who is often a slot receiver in the spread offense). He's diagnosed William Fuller as their most potent threat at WR who will be running the X position at WR. Thus he's decided to have his best CB (aka Duke Thomas) play the Nickel to cover Notre Dame's top receiving threat. Fuller is now the responsibility of Duke and this young linebacker corp instead of Bonney (who's really good but never played) and a young linebacker corp.
        • You get size out on the outside with Bonney as he guards Corey Robinson, but you lose some run support.
      • Duke is basically taking Quandre Diggs' old spot.
        • Just because Duke will be a Nickel does not mean he will be off the field when we go base defense, nor does it mean he's our 3rd best cover guy.
    • Antwaun has been called the most athletic player on the team, so I'm pretty ok with him matching up vs ND's WRs.
    • There is just so much depth in this position. These freshmen could be starting on other P5 teams.
  • Ridgeway being 2nd team
    • People should stop panicking about this. Hassan has not regressed. Hassan is not overrated. Poona is just good.
    • This doesn't mean he's not going to play (maybe he'll even play more than Poona)
    • This is a motivational tool for Hassan Ridgeway.
    • "They're both starters"
    • I'm looking at this as a positive. Something along the lines of "Look at how stacked we are at defensive line! We have so much depth!"
  • On Malik and the LBs
    • "I'm just hoping I don't get rattled"
    • Vance Bedford is trying to tailor and cut back expectations for Malik.
      • This is a great as a coach. High expectations crash careers
      • As Longhorns fans people need to realize he's still a Freshman and not a seasoned NFL vet.
    • Dalton Santos is on the fast track to get a medical redshirt.
  • "If it's past five years they don't know... that might be too many... Some of these kids don't know who Earl Campbell is."
    • HAHAHAHAHA. This is so sad. 
    • "kids don't know their history"
      • preach
    • He's so old school and I love it.
    • But in terms of how this plays into the game, there's the old saying "ignorance is bliss." I think the fact that these guys don't know the history and don't know what they're supposed to be afraid of will be nothing but beneficial. They will not be intimidated walking into South Bend.
  • It's obvious Bedford is looking for some one to step up as a leader.
  • He's expressing concerns that he doesn't know exactly what to expect with this young team
    • Makes sense. We have three key starters who have never played a college game plus a bunch who will be rotated in. They're first test is a good Notre Dame team.
  • Hooray for Ty Templin!
    • zn0yQWZ.png

It seems like a lot of this press conference was for tempering expectations either up (in the case of Poona) or down (in the case of Malik). Texas is a very young team playing a much more experienced team. That plays to our advantage in some ways but also it has a lot of obvious disadvantages.


Final thoughts: I find the more I listen to him the more I find myself agreeing with him. The man can do no wrong.

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