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I saw this posted over at shaggy and some good info. I would expect more attrition so we can take somewhere around 23, maybe even more, in the '16 recruiting cycle. 


"We'll definitely go over 20. I was just stating where we currently are. There are several obvious attrition candidates and as we saw with Cherry, probably a few not so obvious ones as well. FWIW this is what I have as far as numbers:

79 currently on scholarship with 14 seniors.

QB (4, 4 returning +1)
Tyrone Swoopes Jr.
Jerrod Heard Fr.*
Kai Locksley Fr.
Matthew Merrick Fr.
Shane Buechele 2016

RB (6, 4 returning)
Johnathan Gray Sr.
Alex De La Torre Sr.
D’Onta Foreman So.
Tristian Houston Fr.
Kirk Johnson Fr.
Chris Warren III Fr.

WR (10, 8 returning +3)
Daje Johnson Sr.
Marcus Johnson Sr.
Jacorey Warrick Jr.
Roderick Bernard So.
Armanti Foreman So.
Lorenzo Joe So.
Dorian Leonard So.
Jake Oliver So.*
John Burt Fr.
Ryan Newsome Fr.
Tren’Davian $#@!son 2016
Reggie Hemphill-Mapps 2016
Collin Johnson 2016

TE (5, 5 returning +1)
Andrew Beck So.
Blake Whitely So.*
Devonaire Clarington Fr.
Garrett Gray Fr.*
DeAndre McNeal Fr.
Peyton Aucoin 2016

OL (14, 11 returning +1)
Taylor Doyle Sr.*
Sedrick Flowers Sr.*
Marcus Hutchins Sr.*
Brandon Hodges Jr.
Kent Perkins Jr.
Tristan Nickelson So.
Jake Raulerson So.*
Alex Anderson Fr.*
Terrell Cuney Fr.*
Ronnie Major Fr.
Elijah Rodriguez Fr.*
Garrett Thomas Fr.
Patrick Vahe Fr.
Connor Williams Fr.
Tope Imade 2016

DE (7, 6 returning)
Shiro Davis Sr.
Caleb Bluiett Jr.*
Bryce Cottrell Jr.*
Quincy Vasser Jr.
Naashon Hughes So.*
Charles Omenihu Fr.
Derick Roberson Fr.*

DT (7, 6 returning +1)
Desmond Jackson Sr.*
Paul Boyette Jr. Jr.*
Alex Norman Jr.*
Hassan Ridgeway Jr.*
Poona Ford So.
Jake McMillon Fr.*
Chris Nelson Fr.*
Gerald Wilbon 2016

LB (8, 6 returning +1)
Peter Jinkesn Sr.
Dalton Santos Sr.
Timothy Cole Jr.*
Edwin Freeman Fr.*
Breckyn Hager Fr.
Malik Jefferson Fr.
Cameron Townsend Fr.
Anthony Wheeler Fr.
Demarco Boyd 2016

DB (15, 13 returning)
Sheroid Evans Sr.*
Duke Thomas Sr.
Adrian Colbert Jr.*
Bryson Echols Jr.*
Dylan Haines Jr.*
Kevin Vaccaro Jr.*
Antwaun Davis So.*
Jason Hall So.
John Bonney Fr.
Kris Boyd Fr.
Davante Davis Fr.
DeShon Elliott Fr.
Holton Hill Fr.
P.J. Locke III Fr.
Jermaine Roberts Fr.*

PK (2, 1 returning)
Nick Rose Sr.
Nick Jordan Sr.*

P (1, 1 returning)
Michael $#@!son Fr."

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In other words, if Clarington and Major both qualify I would think there will probably be 3 to 6 more attrition candidates. 


We would have 20 scholarships available to reach the 85 max if the numbers above are correct. I think Strong and staff still want to take around 23-25 this recruiting cycle. 

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