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2016 Recruiting - Week #24-26

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The list of potential weekend visitors


Jeffrey McCulloch

Charleston Rambo (2017 WR, Cedar Hill)

Camron Buckley (2017 WR, teammate of Rambo, has offer)

Erick Fowler (2016 LB, LSU commit)

I saw reports that Rambo and Buckley are rescheduling their visit, but has there been any information on whether McCulloch or Fowler made it to campus tonight?

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Wow, 5 star FR QB Ricky Town is already transferring from USC. Wonder if Texas is interested?

Maybe Town, Cherry, Snoops son can form a sweet 7 v 7 squad to stay in shape before they become eligible again. Are they taking their participation trophies with them?
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Ryan Autullo â€@AutulloAAS 1h1 hour ago

Charlie Strong tells USA Today that he needs one more good recruiting class at Texas and then “it’ll really be on." 


I always get a kick out of Strong. He's not afraid to tell you the current the roster is pretty crappy and he needs a few of his own guys.

Maybe its his way to try to guarantee a few more year of $5 million plus before the wolves start howling if he doesn't win.  He ain't stupid. I'd say we need two more years if I was him....

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Looks like, including Devo, we have 79 on scholarship.

We will lose 14 seniors

Leaving 65 scholies for 2016 without any more exits

Gonna be a much bigger class than it originally appeared

Looks about right from what I've seen. I think we will only lose 13 seniors though because Evans is redshirting. 


I think we will take a big class but that means attrition. 79-13=66. That would only leave us 19 scholarships available. I think in the end we want to take close to 25. In other words, we have to lose maybe 6 more guys on the current roster. 


I honestly didn't know we had so few seniors. 

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  • 4 months later...

Dylan Moses has decommitted from LSU per his twitter account.



from a poster elsewhere --


"....Dylan Moses was in a serious twitter beef this weekend with LSU fans.  I guess they forgot the cardinal rule that they should never, under any circumstances, tweet at a recruit they don't know personally.   Anyways, Moses seemed pretty angry...."

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