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Jim Harbaugh


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Anybody see his interview with Cowherd today? I'm serious when I say this, something is mentally wrong with Harbaugh. I've actually thought this for some time, dude is off his rocker. 


A bunch of people wanted Harbaugh as the Texas coach but he wouldn't have lasted a year at Texas. I actually think he ends up being a failure at Michigan. 



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I'm not a Cowherd fan, but Harbaugh should've been more enthusiastic and engaging. I don't know how Harbaugh misconstrued Cowherd's, "the BigTen feels like it's a 'buy' for me" comment. He does sound half-asleep.


Moral of the story - don't agree to the interview if you don't have time or you're not interested. 


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I don't like Cowherd, but Harbaugh sounded like a doofus, was still half asleep, or not wanting to do the interview. Harbaugh is starting to look like Larry Brown who has coached fourteen teams in his career.


Harbaugh is a great coach, but it looks like he wears out his welcome. I thought we were more interested in John than Jim. UT with Jim Harbaugh as coach and Steve Patterson would have been interesting.


You can watch the interview here:





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