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The impact of Fred Hoiberg leaving for the NBA (article by Chris Flanagan)

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BY: Chris Flanagan



On Tuesday, the Chicago Bulls announced that Fred Hoiberg will be their new head coach. How does this affect Texas, the Big 12, and college basketball on a national scale?

Texas: Good

Shaka Smart came to Texas with the difficult task of building the Longhorns into a championship contender. That task is easier with the departure of Hoiberg. Iowa State could bring in a coach that keeps the ball rolling in Ames, but I'll believe the can hire Hoiberg's equal only after it happens.

Hoiberg leaving Ames for Chicago makes Smart's opportunity to achieve his goals more realistic and it shortens the timeline for doing so..

Big 12: Bad

The Big 12 lost a great coach - Hoiberg made the conference more competitive and raised the stature of the league. Replacing a coach who has a natural ability to lead unheralded players to championship level isn't easy.

The Big 12 conference has some solid coaches: Scott Drew, Bill Self and Bruce Weber are very good. However, with the departure of Hoiberg. the perception of the league took a hit.

College basketball: Bad

College basketball coaches to the NBA is nothing new, but there seems to be more mutual interest from both sides recently. Billy Donovan left UF, and now Hoiberg is leaving the Cyclones.

Bill Self has been rumored for NBA head coaching jobs for years. When will he leave for the NBA? What about Smart if he has immediate success at Texas?

The trend is obvious: college basketball coaches are appealing to the NBA. If the best coaches continue to leave NCAA programs, college hoops will keep backsliding. 

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Not overly concerned about Smart leaving. I suppose if he gets interest from the NBA it means we're kicking ass. That's a good thing.


Never heard Self was a candidate for the NBA.

It's mostly talking heads in KC that discuss it. He might have interest but it's more about boredom with the same thing over and over again. Oh another Big 12 title? Yeah.....


See what I mean? It's human nature to be bored.

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ISU hired their guy. I'm underwhelmed, but admit to not knowing much about him. 


This article has some interesting stat's for mid-major coaches jumping to P5 gigs: 


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