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Recruiting Primer (learn all about UT's offensive recruiting - by: Mike Roach)

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submitted Today, 09:43 PM in Recruiting By Mike Roach

With spring practice in the rear view mirror and the recruiting evaluation period well underway, it’s time to take a look at the recruiting landscape for the Longhorns. After closing strong down the stretch last year, the Longhorns thought they would have positive momentum coming into this season. While Texas started off with a commitment from Arlington Lamar quarterback Shane Buechele, there hasn’t been anything else in the way of early commitments. As we learned last year, that’s just not the way that Charlie Strong operates - he views commitments more as reservations.

Until the inevitable attrition after spring practices occurs, it’s hard to gauge an accurate view on the numbers for the 2016 class. Texas could take anywhere between 15-20 recruits in this class depending on how things shake out. The Longhorns have already hosted a number of the state’s top prospects at their junior day, along with a few impressive out of state prospects.

Recruits needed: 1 or 2
On campus: Tyrone Swoopes (Jt), Jerrod Heard (Rs-Fr)
Incoming: Kai Locksley, Matthew Merrick
Committed: Shane Buechele
Recruits on the radar: Dwayne Haskins, Xavier Gaines, Woody Barrett

Summary: The Longhorns went a long way towards improving the overall depth at the most important position on the field by bringing in two prospects in the 2015 class. While questions loom about the long term development of both Merrick and Locksley, it’s clear that Charlie Strong doesn’t want to be in a position like 2014 - where he only has one viable option at the quarterback. Buechele represents a more traditional option, and as a highly ranked prospect, he is a great start to the recruiting class. Texas has a few other lines in the water, but those options appear to be longshots at this point in time.

Predicted finish: Shane Buechele

Another developmental prospect like Merrick could present itself in the coming months, but it’s likely Texas finishes with only Buechele and turns their attention to a loaded 2017 QB class.

Recruits needed: 2 or 3
On Campus: Johnathan Gray (Sr), Duke Catalon (Rs-Fr), D’Onta Foreman (So)
Incoming: Kirk Johnson, Chris Warren, Tristian Houston
Committed: None
Recruits on the radar: Kameron Martin, Devwah Whaley, Trayveon Williams, Darius Anderson, Rakeem Boyd, Kyle Porter, Brandon Stephens

Summary: Texas needs to continue to replenish the ranks at the position as Gray is set to move on after this season. Kameron Martin who is committed to Baylor seems to be leaving the door open for Texas who he called his “dream school”. Whaley is the top option at the position, but at this point hasn’t been very vocal in his recruitment. Trayveon Williams and Darius Anderson are the favorites to commit to Texas but it might come down to who pulls the trigger first. Both guys like Texas a lot, but Williams is entertaining offers from multiple teams as his profile continues to explode. Texas will probably leave room for Martin and Whaley so expect them to only take one early commitment from the rest of the field.

Predicted finish: Darius Anderson and Kameron Martin

Texas lands a commitment from Darius Anderson and steals Kameron Martin sometime during the season. Depending on how the numbers shake out they could still take one of their other targets or apply that number to another position.

Projected Numbers: 3-4
On Campus: Marcus Johnson (Sr), Jacorey Warrick (Jr), Roderick Bernard (So), Armanti Foreman (So), Lorenzo Joe (So), Jake Oliver (So), Garrett Gray (Rs-Fr), Dorian Leonard (So), Daje Johnson (Sr)
Incoming: Ryan Newsome, DeAndre McNeal, John Burt, Gilbert Johnson
Committed: Reggie Hemphill-Mapps, Collin Johnson
Recruits on the radar: Devin Duvernay, Tren’Davian Dickson, Dee Anderson, Tre Nixon, Darnell Salomon

Summary: Expectations would normally be that Texas would close up shop with their two committed prospects and move on, but this appears to be a position group ripe for attrition. Texas is in the hunt to take one more of the elite receiver group listed above. Devin Duvernay is probably the prime target along with Dee Anderson. Texas will take their shots at Dickson, Salomon, and Nixon, but in the end will only have room for one or two more.

Predicted finish: Reggie Hemphill-Mapps, Collin Johnson, Devin Duvernay

Texas will be just fine landing one more player, and hopes it will be Duvernay who has unmatched physical tools. Depending on attrition they might look to take one more, but it would have to be the perfect situation.

Recruits Needed: 2-3
On Campus: Andrew Beck (So), Blake Whiteley (So)
Incoming: Devonaire Clarington
Committed: None
Recruits on the radar: Peyton Aucoin, Irvin Smith, Jack Stoll, Donte Coleman, Zarrian Holcombe

Summary: Texas has made some positive in-roads with the New Orleans duo of Aucoin and Smith, and really impressed Jack Stoll on his visit. Keep an eye out for Donte Coleman who is currently committed to Texas Tech as a guy they will try to flip during the season. Kaden Smith will continue to be pursued, but he seems pretty firm in his commitment to Stanford.

Predicted finish: Jack Stoll and Peyton Aucoin

Coleman is 50/50, but is the most realistic option to be flipped at some time during the season. Stoll is an intriguing prospect who presents a solid skillset in the body of an H-Back while Aucoin profiles as a more traditional tight end. I believe Texas would like to take three guys if they can with the academic status of Devonaire Clarington in question.

Projected Numbers: 4-5
On Campus: Sedrick Flowers (Sr), Kent Perkins (Jr), Terrell Cuney (Rs-Fr), Connor Williams (Fr), Brandon Hodges (Jr), Alex Anderson (Rs-Fr), Marcus Hutchins (Sr), Elijah Rodriguez (Rs-Fr), Garrett Thomas (Fr), Camrhon Hughes (Jr), Tristan Nickelson (So)
Incoming: Patrick Vahe, Ronnie Major
Recruits on the radar: Jean Delance, Zach Shackleford, Kellen Diesch, Keenan Murphy, Tope Imade, Parker Boudreaux, Denzel Okafor, Patrick Hudson, Chris Owens, Austin Myers, Chris Hughes

Summary: This is, without a doubt, the hardest position to project. Texas coaches are telling recruits they intend to take five players, and transfer rumors surround the current group. Texas has missed thus far on the majority of their in-state offers. Delance represents the highest rated, non-committed prospect, but behind the scenes there has been talk that Baylor commit Patrick Hudson could be had. Texas has shown an ability to continually find prospects. Owens and Myers are candidates to flip as well, while Shackleford, Murphy, and Imade are currently waiting on offers. Joe Wickline will also keep an eye towards the JUCO ranks where he’s shown he has no problem going for an elite prospect.

Predicted finish: Denzel Okafor, Chris Owens, Tope Imade

If Murphy or Imade receive an offer, I expect them to sign with the Longhorns. Texas is behind TCU for the services of Okafor, but has the time to make up ground. Chris Owens will be difficult to sway from Alabama, but having his teammate, Shane Buechele, on board could certainly help. I’m not confident enough yet to call anything on Hudson but it is definitely something worth watching. 

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Stop looking at my notes! I was about to post this exact same thing.


For the Oline, I think we also get DE Prince Sammons. Dr. Wickensteinâ„¢ then replaces his brain with Chris Hall's and turns him loose on the defensive-less masses. It will be glorious! [wild wicked laughter]

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Great write up! Do you really think we'll take 3-4 receivers? I figure we might take 2 and use the other ship(s) for defense.


Devin Duvernay posesses a skillset unlike any other receiver in this class.  If they can get him they will take him.  This team needs explosiveness on offense more than anything and Duvernay is just that.  If they miss on Duvernay and some of the other highly rated prospects I believe they would stand pat.  Dee Anderson and Tren'Davian Dickson are also guys I believe they would take.  I also think that position is ripe for attrition.

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Excellent piece.  Cohesive and concise.


Peyton Aucoin - I covet him badly.  I mean real bad.  He is Charlie Strongs kind of player.


I do too, but I think if you take him you also need a guy who's more of a receiving threat like Stoll or Coleman. 

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