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Found 7 results

  1. here is the Sec non conference games with question as to why sec schools get benefit of doubt. 4 non con games x 14 sec schools = 56 games. Power 5 schools Oklahoma (L),Texas Tech (L),Wisconsin,Georgia Tech,Clemson,Louisville x 2,Syracuse,Florida St,North Carolina,Arizona St,and i will add BYU . So 12 games against power 5 schools with 2 losses so far by big 12 teams on road and 2 games still to play where Sec will be underdogs Now for the meat and potatoes of Sec records. Middle Tennessee x 2,Tennessee Martin x 2,UL Monroe x 2,Charleston southern,UTEP,Toledo(L),Jacksonville st,Idaho,San
  2. Is this what they've reduced themselves to? LOL. https://vine.co/v/Oe3EaZEMB2F
  3. Here's an article on the ags by some Miss St folks. The weirdness is starting to sink in. Hate to inform them of the small print, but there are no exchanges or returns. All sales are final. http://www.forwhomthecowbelltolls.com/2014/10/3/6896805/texas-a-m-might-be-a-cult-mississippi-state-college-football
  4. Let's go ahead and get this thread up since the game starts at 5:00 pm CST. The specifics: #21 Texas A&M vs. #9 South Carolina The Line: South Carolina by 10.5 points Location: Williams-Brice Stadium, Columbia, SC Television: SEC Network Time: 5:00 PM Central Standard Time Of Note: *South Carolina has won 18 straight home games, which is the longest home game winning streak in the country *Texas A&M is 10-2 in games away from home under Kevin Sumlin
  5. It looks like the schedules in the SEC could be a little more challenging in the coming years. The SEC is now mandating that each SEC team schedule an opponent from either the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12 or PAC 12 as one of their out of conference games in the future. They can also schedule Notre Dame in lieu of scheduling an opponent from one of the four listed conferences. Some of the schools are unhappy with the decision, LSU being one of them. However it appears LSU was simply looking for the SEC to adopt a 9-Game Conference schedule, rather than the 8-Game schedule they're currently operating un
  6. So via a newspaper ad in the UGA student newspaper, Mizzou sent UGA a "thank you" for their SEC game. Mizzou sends a “thank you” to Georgia in the UGA Newspaper | Saturday Down South Like Mizzou, I also read that the Aggies had given their thanks to the Gators, mainly those in the core to other Gator fans. But regardless what are your thoughts on these new SEC teams giving thanks to their opponents who beat them? Is it classy, sucking up, too much? Personally, I see that it is somewhat of a classy move but I think doing it in public may give them the image as if they are sucking up to th

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