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Found 3 results

  1. This game means a lot for Texas. A road win over a highly rated Mizzou team would go a long way on the tournament resume. They will have to play composed and error free. Let's do it boys!
  2. Current BCS Rankings as of November 6, 2011: 1 LSU 9-0 2 Oklahoma State 9-0 3 Alabama 8-1 4 Stanford 9-0 5 Boise State 8-0 6 Oklahoma 8-1 7 Oregon 8-1 8 Arkansas 8-1 9 Clemson 8-1 10 Virginia Tech 8-1 11 Houston 9-0 12 Penn State 8-1 13 South Carolina 7-2 14 Kansas State 7-2 15 Georgia 7-2 16 Texas 6-2 17 Michigan State 7-2 18 Wisconsin 7-2 19 Nebraska 7-2 20 Auburn 6-3 21 Georgia Tech 7-2 22 Southern Miss 8-1 23 Cincinnati 7-1 24 Michigan 7-2 25 Baylor 5-3 With 4 games to go Texas is ranked 16th. We play defector #2 (Missouri) this weekend and if we win, then the Kansas State game gets interesting. The Wildcats are ranked 14th in the BCS and play A&M this weekend in Manhattan. Let's sit back and see how this shakes out.
  3. The BIg XII is working feverishly to keep what they have intact and were close to formalizing Tier 1 and Tier 2 televisoon right for 6 years. Then Mizzou decided to further explore leaving the Big XII. I'm sick and tired of this conference jumping. Mizzou is freaking Mizzou, not OU or Texas or not even Texas A&M. The LHN is quickly becoming a worn out excuse for these goons that are griping of tv revenue. The BIg XII is willing and able to rework tv deals that would pay schools EXTREMELY WELL to stay in the conference. Mizzou needs to wake up and understand that their bargaining power is not as great as they think it is.
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