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Found 25 results

  1. Charlie Strong met the media following the Longhorns' 50-43 loss to the Golden Bears on Saturday. Of course, one of the first questions presented to Strong was how he felt about staff changes. In his reply, Strong stated, "We have two weeks to look at it. I can and will be more involved. We are all accountable." When asked about what his current role is, Strong mentioned that he "is involved in all of the meetings" but then lets the coaches do their own work. Among several others, Strong mentioned Breckyn Hager and Malcolm Roach as "the most confident players on the team." That makes the defe
  2. Charlie Strong met with the media on Monday following a 41-7 victory over the UTEP Miners on Saturday evening. Here are some highlights from today's press conference. Strong highlighted the defense and their ability to get off of the field as a crucial component to Texas' upcoming matchup against Cal. Strong mentioned that this weekend is a "business trip" and that "playing good defense can take a home crowd out of the game." On the negative side, Strong mentioned that he is "very concerned" about penalties. After Saturday's game, Texas currently ranks 5th in the FBS for total penalty yard
  3. This is a new hype song for the '16 UT Longhorn Football team. Press play and share to get the fans and players pumped up! Hook 'Em Horns!
  4. regardless of how any Longhorns fan feels about whether Charlie Strong is the right fit at Texas it is time for all Texas fans to give full support for the team. Charlie will coach team in 2016 whether you like it or not but hopefully with addition of very talented 2016 recruiting class so we need to quit talking about hiring Herman or Chip Kelly or any other coach. let`s give Charlie the 2016 season and we can judge his future after 2016 season has played out. for those that want him gone your reward is if team falters with another poor season that will seal his fate. if 2016 turns around yo
  5. How bad are things at Texas right now? Let me see, hmmm. 1) We lost our first game, 2) The offense didn't look very good, though there were a few bright spots, imo, 3) We have no players who are suspended for drugs, theft, disrespecting women, or academic probation, 4) We have a coach who is willing to make changes when he knows they are needed, 5) We have a coach who is well-respected by current and past players as a man and a coach. Ok, now, let's talk football. Swoopes was out there competing, and I think he will leave Texas with a degree and be very successful in a caree
  6. It's that time of the year..... Football is so close you can smell it. Players are reporting today and the first fall practice gets underway tomorrow. For today's presser, Cotcher is on-campus and in attendance. Be sure to follow him on twitter @MLCotcher for updates. We will post content here and want your takes on what is said, etc. Media will have access to tomorrow's practice which means we will have a report afterward.
  7. Hi newbie here, so forgive me if I'm crossing any lines, but I recently read the 2015 Texas Longhorn Football Prospectus: Thinking Texas Football and it's really good preview of the 'Horns, our opponents and the Big 12. It's thorough, well-written with an entertaining writing style. Maybe everyone already knows about it, but I wanted to pass on a rec. Hook 'em!
  8. However that does not necessarily mean as a starter! Good quotes from Strong today in down in Houston... "I hope he's (Swoopes) been watching that tape wondering what the hell happened," Strong said. "He just can't turn the ball over. He's so hard on himself that it's almost like you've got to get him out of the jar. You've got to come back, Tyrone. There was a really bad game, but you've got to look at it, too. Whenever the stage is set, you have to go perform on that stage, and he didn't perform that night because everything was in line. You had a national audience. You had a top-five te
  9. Was race a factor in Charlie Strong's long wait to land a college football head coaching job? Strong shares his experiences over the course of his coaching career with Seth Davis.
  10. Interesting day with coaches & players. Read about it HERE.
  11. Cotcher's at the evening presser now at Moncrief. Presser was supposed to begin at 6:30 and Strong is running a bit behind.. An update on Shipley, who injured his hamstring:
  12. Galena Park North Shore Offensive Lineman Tyler Moore is making a name for himself on and off the football field. He’s a big kid with lots of power and it’s no surprise he caught the eye of Texas Offensive Coordinator Joe Wickline even before Wickline took the job under Charlie Strong (while employed at Oklahoma State). He’s also a hard worker with great discipline. While most high-school students are soaking up the summer sun and catching-up on sleep, Moore has placed a priority on two things: improving his football acumen and academics. His days are regimented, as he is taking a c
  13. In this week's Taking Sides, Sean and I debate Charlie Strong's comment about Texas not winning the national championship this year. What do you think - helpful or hurtful?
  14. http://www.hornsports.com/articles/premium/crossfire-04232014-r4093
  15. Horn Sports members, welcome to the March 26th Crossfire with McPhaul update. We've got a ton to talk about in this release including the work going on at Spring Camp, recruiting updates in two major sports, and how recruiting and academics at UT under Coach Strong have taken flight. As always we'll catch up with FOB later on after all our member-questions are answered. Let's get going.... SPRING PRACTICE UPDATE We are not used to hearing the word physical when it comes to describing our practices in the past but, that is the first word out of everyone’s mouth that has witnessed
  16. Spring camp started this week under the Charlie Strong regime, the Longhorns begin play tomorrow evening in the first round of the NCAA tournament against Arizona State and Crossfire is here..... ATTRITION UPDATES ON THE 40 ACRES WR Bryant Jackson will receive a medical hardship due to nagging foot injury and retire from football. LB Aaron Benson will graduate in May and has elected to forgo his senior year. OL Garret Greenlea was never able to get healthy after suffering a knee injury has also decided to retire from football. CROSSFIRE Q&A Q) Wha
  17. STEVE PATTERSON'S EMAIL ON THE DKR SOUTH ENDZONE EXPANSION Many of you have been asking about the expansion of the south endzone. Below is a statement relased by Texas AD Steve Patterson: As we continue to plan for the future of UT Athletics and work to provide a superior gameday experience for all our fans and stakeholders, we have begun the initial stage of studying a potential stadium project to complete the south end of Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. The project is conceptual at this point. Any further planning will depend on a variety of factors to be studied over
  18. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRO DAY & SPRING-GAME ACTIVITIES UT's Pro Day has been scheduled for March 26th. The Spring game is scheduled for April 19th at 1:00 Stay tuned for Tailgate Information related to the Spring game! MAX WITTEK UPDATE Former USC QB Max Wittek visited Hawaii last weekend and is said to have enjoyed the visit. Wittek is not close to a decision and he may still take visits to Louisville and TCU. We assume Virginia Tech is no longer an option since former Lake Travis and Texas Tech QB Michael Brewer announced he will transferring to VT. MA
  19. This week’s Crossfire will address the upcoming Junior Days and which recruits we can expect to see on The 40 Acres. We'll also look at Coach Strong's recruiting prowess and the future out-of-conference football schedules for the Longhorns. As always we will check-in with Friend of Bevo to see what's going on during the off-season. Let's get to it! Texas Upcoming Junior Days on February 22 & March 1 Visitor List ATH - John Humphrey - League City Clear Falls ATH - Billy Ray McCrary - Leander Rouse ATH - Ryan Newsome - Aledo ATH - Tony Nicholson - South Grand Prairie ATH
  20. Charlie Strong is Ready. Are you? by Marian Hinton, Horn Sports Staff Writer Most Texas fans, at least those who approach things rationally (as few and far between as they may be), will tell you that Mack Brown did a lot for the Texas Longhorns football program during his tenure in Austin. After all, he resurrected a sleeping giant by assembling one of the best teams to ever take the field on the 40 Acres and coached them to their first national title in over three decades. Most Texas fans will also tell you, however, that despite all the good he brought to the program, Coach Br
  21. Well folks, it’s that time of the week again. We’re getting closer to National Signing Day and the groundwork for the ’14 Season is already being laid in the weight room as I type this. In this week of “Crossfire” we will discuss the Spring Game. Last week we mentioned that some former UT Coaches were on the move. The dust is starting to settle and we will see where these guys are headed or where they are about to land- nothing Earth shattering that hasn’t been discussed already but we’ll revisit it nevertheless. Next, in “Drop and Gimme 20” I will address some o
  22. On a hot Saturday night in Austin, Texas.... or a chilly Saturday morning at the Cotton Bowl...... Can you see this guy doing work and kicking ass? I sure the hell can and I'm excited about it.

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