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  1. Dear Texas Ex: Today the University of Texas System Board of Regents named Greg Fenves, currently UT's provost, as the sole finalist to succeed Bill Powers as president. We wanted to share this momentous news with you and express our belief that with President Fenves at the helm, the University of Texas at Austin will continue its upward path toward becoming the nation's premier public teaching and research university. We congratulate the Board of Regents and Chancellor McRaven on selecting Fenves after a thorough nationwide search. He is an internationally recognized structural engineer an
  2. FROM UT ATHLETICS: Texas Athletics announces Loyalty Points system New procedure rewards fans for commitment to Texas Athletics and its student-athletes AUSTIN, Texas – To reward all season ticket members, Texas Athletics is instituting a Loyalty Points system. This new procedure provides a simplified process to determine priority for season tickets, parking, AT&T Red River Showdown, postseason games and other high-demand events. “The Loyalty Points system adds value to all season ticket and Longhorn Foundation members,” said Steve Patterson, Texas Men’s Athletics Director.
  3. Zane Gurwitz-Image Credit: University of Texas Athletics With less than a week before the first pitch at Reckling, I wanted to give you some of my thoughts on this team and how I see us matching up with our non-conference foes. A few disclaimers and thoughts before I begin. I am a Texas alum, first and foremost. I am a fan. I won't hide this. That said, I really do try to remain somewhat realistic throughout the season. I don't want to get caught up in the "fire the coach," "small ball sucks," and/or "so-and-so can't play X position on this team/at this level." Leave
  4. Is coming on the LHN tonight if anyone is interested.
  5. Report: McRaven a Candidate for UT Chancellor BY TIM TALIAFERRO IN BLOG ON JULY 11, 2014 AT 2:34 P Paul Burka over at Texas Monthly is reporting (although he doesn’t name his source or sources, and he doesn’t say how good the information is) that the UT System regents have narrowed down the candidate pool for the next chancellor to Richard Fisher and Adm. William McRaven, BJ ’77, Life Member. Fisher leads the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; McRaven is commander of U.S. Special Operations command, a Navy SEAL, and a Distinguished Alumnus of UT-Austin. He led the operation that resul
  6. HornSports Members, Join us tonight (Sunday, January 4th) at 10:00 pm in our chatroom for a chat with former Texas defensive back Brandon Foster. With an outstanding background as a collegiate and professional athlete and over 5 years of coaching experience, Brandon brings both his passion, knowledge and his expertise to the field, helping you believe & achieve! Brandon graduated from Arlington Bowie High School in 2003 and was a 2 year starter. He was also and all-district selection as a senior and was a 2003 State Track Champion as a member of the 4x100 and 4x200 relay team
  7. By Kylie Hopkins I could write this article solely on the abysmal football performance on Thanksgiving, but that would just dredge up more feelings of disappointment, and I have tried to put behind me this past week. Instead of describing every technical problem I saw on the field, I will instead focus on the largest problem I saw: fear. Swoopes played scared. I can’t say I’m entirely surprised; it’s not as if his season has been spotless and TCU is a highly ranked team. What did surprise me was the effect that it had on the team’s performance as a whole. This game would’ve benef
  8. After what seemed like the longest bye week ever (which I mostly spent in my bed suffering from the world’s worst cold), a huge opportunity for the Longhorns is on the horizon. I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the odds are definitely against us going into this game against a challenging TCU team. I was lucky enough to attend the press conference Monday, and Coach Strong didn’t seem flustered by the impending game. Watching Strong speak, it’s easy to see why the players emulate him. He’s as no-nonsense in his manner of speaking as he is in his manner of coaching. Heâ
  9. Let me preface this week’s column by telling you that I have a small vendetta against West Virginia. After I was hit in the face with a Mountaineer woman’s purse, I’ve found it difficult to rebuild the burned bridge. I am one to hold a grudge. Imagine my excitement when the Longhorns took the field this week. I was ready. Obviously, so were the boys. It finally seemed like we were clicking. The team finally answered the question of “when will the work pay off?” If this past weekend was any indication, we should all be thanking Charlie Strong. Strong has patience that could make a m
  10. “There’s still time.” This sentiment has been preached by the coaching staff, by the players, by the fans, by everyone. And the truth is, we do still have time. Maybe not in the season, but Strong has time. The defensive improvements are noticeable. The team is growing together and having a greater appreciation for the sport. We have time to be the team that we are fully capable of being. We went back to basics, and we’ll need to reinvent ourselves. There is still time. While watching Tech play in their flashy uniforms, one of many they’ve sported these past two years, I noticed so
  11. One thing I am tired of talking about is being disappointed. It seems that I am constantly getting my hopes up and having them dashed. This is not to say that our team can’t perform for the rest of the season, and it is not to say that they have disappointed me fully, but I feel like the little mistakes that cost us the game are getting in the way of our true potential as a football team. If I hear one more false start penalty, I’m going to lose it. I am going to march down to the field and slap the player who starts before the whistle. Those are yards that we can’t afford to lose, yet
  12. I would first like to mention that I believe that the Longhorns won the game on Saturday strictly for my birthday. Secondly, we won a very sloppy game. Our defense didn’t look like the powerhouse that we have come to expect. Our offense is improving with every game, but still lacks consistency. Our special teams is still a hot mess. Alas, even with all of these little problems, we still won which is fantastic. Though each aspect of our team has improvements to be made, the Longhorns are working better together overall. This week will be a testament to just how far we’ve come as a team.
  13. This info was shared with me today from a friend that knows Jim Nicar really well - and if you know and love UT and all of its cracks and crevices, then you have probably heard about Jim Nicar. Nicar is a UT historian that knows things about the University most people don't! If you are in town for the Iowa State game, stay on Sunday and join Jim and the UT Architecture Tour from 4:00 - 6:00 pm. You won't regret it. #HookEm http://jimnicar.com/2014/08/12/heads-up/
  14. RINGING THE CARILLON I spent last weekend gallivanting around New Orleans with seven Aggies and one fellow Longhorn. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little bit of happiness at their loss, as I’m sure they felt for ours. I am lucky enough to be blessed with Aggie friends who are able to understand the difference between rivalry and stupidity, so we made light-hearted jokes about how far the Aggies would fall in the rankings. We assumed they’d drop 2 whole spots in the polls, and there’s one reason for that we could all agree on: The SEC gets favoritism in the rankin
  15. RINGING THE CARILLON By: Kylie Hopkins The student body let out a collective sigh of relief on Saturday…finally, a win. A win that our team should be proud of – certainly there were some holes in our play, especially offensively, but the students got a chance to hope. Post-game, the Kansas head coach was fired. Though Charlie Weis finished last season with a 3-9 record and wasn’t fired, one thing was weighing on my mind: why was he fired after losing to Texas? Why was Texas the last straw for Kansas’ football program? The idea that losing to the “once-great” Texas football
  16. Kylie Hopkins checks in with what UT students are thinking about UNT & BYU - RINGING THE CARILLON
  17. Kylie Hopkins will be bringing us a weekly look at life on campus - here's her first column.
  18. I've done a lot of work with Livestrong, so I think THIS announcement is great news. From the release: A Transformative Moment in our EvolutionLIVESTRONG has been a voice of and service provider to cancer patients, caregivers and survivors for 17 years. Leveraging our experience with the resources of the Dell Medical School, we believe the Institutes are a game-changer for the cancer community. This is not about new buildings in one physical location but about designing a platform for the most effective leadership in serving people, humanizing the disease and scaling our impact. Putti
  19. This week's Q&A. Good questions this week. Lots of material in here....
  20. I have been lamenting lately that all there is in the Statesman is MLB and other junk, but today we turned a corner. At least 4 pages of FOOTBALL! How cool is that? Can't wait to see it everywhere. How about you?
  21. Dalton Santos mom is a facing a major surgery. She is a single mom and needs a little help. http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/vista-s-angry-aortic-aneurysm/167584 Hook'em
  22. UTexas Equipment @UTexasEquipment You've asked for it and it's finally back. This Saturday at 10am- ATHLETICS YARD SALE. Gate 1 under the Nike Tent. #SpringGame2014 Jerseys, shirts, warm ups, footballs, shoes, coaching shoes, hats. tons of old UT stuff..
  23. We're going to be a physical team. http://www.texassports.com/news/2014/4/10/FB_0410145645.aspx
  24. The spring game is just over a week away and the dog days of summer will be upon us soon and I have to admit I have never more excited for a football season to start. Now Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect us to be world beaters from the start but I do anticipate seeing a much more physical team and one that plays with passion. With that said here are a few thoughts as we sit and wait for it all to begin. 1. I think we all know now what kind of coach we got in Charlie Strong. He demands 100% commitment from his players not only on the football field but also in life. 2. Charlie Stro

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