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Found 715 results

  1. The RS freshman has shed 35 pounds, and is looking to make an impact this season on a thin defensive line. Contribution from Daniels up front would come as a pleasant surprise. Check out how he looks this offseason below.
  2. After a variety of off the field issues during his time at Texas, Brandon Hodges announced his intent to play his final year of football eligibility elsewhere as a graduate transfer. It appears that today, Hodges made the decision to transfer to Pitt. We wish Brandon the best of luck in his new endeavor, and hope he takes care of the things he needs to in order to get on the field.
  3. The betting odds have begun to roll out for who will be the permanent replacement for Huge Freeze. Right now, the favorite to land the job is interim HC Matt Luke. Among other names on the list are Chad Morris, Blake Anderson, Les Miles, Chip Kelly, Charlie Strong, and Mack Brown. Catch part of the list below: Matt Luke +250 Chad Morris +300 Blake Anderson +300 Les Miles +450 Derek Dooley +500 Brent Venables +1200 Greg Schiano +1500 Charlie Strong +1600 Mack Brown +2000 What do y'all think of this list? Should any other candidates (cough, cough Bob Stoops) be on this list?
  4. Is it time to get excited for football? Of course. Matt Lange made that excitement even higher this morning when he mentioned his stroll through the Longhorns' renovated locker room. It's almost time to see what the new renovations look like. Get ready. If Lange's comments are any indication, it's going to be glorious.
  5. The recent 3rd-round draft pick is getting closer to being let off the hook after being arrested in Austin for marijuana possession and unlawful possession of a firearm. Foreman's gun inside of his car was legal, but the presence of drugs made it illegal on the scene. Although Foreman can now begin the process of being cleared of any charges, this situation should still serve as a lesson to him, and really anyone. Choose your friends wisely. We're glad D'onta is one step closer to being cleared and moving on with his professional career.
  6. It appears the selection committee for the Davey O'Brien Award also took notice of Shane Buechele's impressive freshman campaign. The sophomore QB has been named to the award's watch list for the 2017 season. In 2016, Buechele threw for just under 3000 yards, with 21 TD and 11 INT.
  7. I am currently in my hotel in Frisco, and in several hours I will be at The Star to take in day 2 of Media Days. Texas and Tom Herman are set to begin at around 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Tune into our Twitter @HornSports for live quotes and video. I will be in and out periodically to update this thread for those of you that do not have Twitter. Stay tuned. Tomorrow should be fun.
  8. Some notes from Tom Herman's media session in regards to players on campus. Freshman tight end Reese Leitao will sit for two games. Buck Major retiring from football. Rodrick Bernard also done with football.
  9. 247Sports has reported that Texas OG Tope Imade is making the transition to defensive tackle. Although the move is surprising, Imade could prove serviceable on the defensive side of the ball. With the departure of Marcell Southall and Jordan Elliot, the Longhorns' DL is thin and needing depth. Imade has reportedly lost over 20 pounds and really trimmed up his body fat percentage. It was likely that Imade was going to continue being buried on the OL depth chart, so this move made sense for both he and Texas as a whole. We wish Imade the best of luck in his transition. We will update you with more information as it reaches us.
  10. Big 12 Media's pre-season poll just came out. Do you agree with them having Texas 4th?
  11. Connor Williams, Malik Jefferson, Malcolm Roach, Poona Ford, and Micheal Dickson were all named to the pre-season All Big-12 squad. https://twitter.com/big12conference/status/885146731481923585
  12. For these last few weeks, I've been watching past football games replaying on LHN. Some I saw before; some are new to me. I've noted a few immutable truths: • Watching the Horns win never gets old. • Watching Aggy choke never gets old. • Dan Fouts has always been a hard listen. • College football sorely misses Keith Jackson. • Football in HD is so very easy to take for granted. • It's difficult to have too much camera time for the perty people on the sidelines and in the stands. Most recently, I watched the 1980 Red River Shootout and one more immutable truth must be noted... There always has been and ever will be a time when OU SUCKS! I am so ready for September. HOOK 'EM! \\m//
  13. Per the University, junior linebacker Malik Jefferson has been named to the Bednarik Award watch list, while junior offensive tackle Connor Williams, junior running back Chris Warren III, and sophomore quarterback Shane Buechele have all been named to the Maxwell Award watch list.
  14. You can add your own. I'll start it off . . . . 10. Will "rat bastard" become this board's official insult phrase? 9. If you answer to 10 in the affirmative, next question is "odds on Bear not getting credit for it?" 8. Were there any girls romancing each other at the pool party? 7. Who else feels they missed out for not getting to lecture Seahorn before he got married? 6. Is DCTF on the magazine racks yet? And you own . . . ?
  15. Always love reading this list when Feldman puts it out each year. Connor Williams makes the cut at 35.
  16. So who do you enjoy watching most when the Horns aren't playing? I'm not sure its as much a favorite team or teams for me, but I do like atmosphere in certain locals. I like watching a night game at Washington State. I have no idea why, really. Maybe I like the idea of being on the edge of the earth so to speak and still seeing a good football game. I enjoy watching a night game at Rocky Top. The orange Tennessee employs gives me a headache, but there's something about 100K fans screaming "Rocky Top, wheewww!" over and over again that sets up the game. I enjoy watching ANY team plow OU, or aggy, but especially OU. I used to enjoy watching Colorado State because they had a habit of beating people they weren't supposed to. I like watching Stanford football. I don't know, maybe its the old school in me. But I like their style of play and its in a great setting. Any game played in snow. What say you?
  17. Texas offensive linemen Brandon Hodges announces on Twitter he is leaving the program and will be a graduate transfer.
  18. Figure this could get some discussion going.
  19. LSU is being incredibly petty when it comes to other schools recruiting their state. Texas schools should play hardball right back if they try to cross the border IMO.
  20. If you look at Texas schedule you have 4 games each month for 3 months also Sept & Oct each month has 1 Marquee game away from DKR. September Texas has to be no worse than 3-1. weakest opening 4 games in some time (Maryland,San Jose & Iowa st) but USC is best team Texas has played non conference since Ohio St 2005-06. October is the key with ou in Dallas and home games with Kstate & Osu road game at baylor. 3-1 record here and Horns bowl destination improves. November has road games at Tcu & Wvu Texas needs at least split here to have legit chance at 8 wins. home games with Kansas & Tech. if Herman can get 9 wins he will sign top 3 recruiting class for 2018
  21. I figured this was going to be another typical Wednesday. I fully planned on being productive and getting some things accomplished around the house. That was holding true right up until I got a notification on my phone that Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops was retiring and stepping down immediately. It’s safe to say that my to-do list isn’t getting accomplished now, as I sit here and try to put my thoughts on today’s events on paper. Like everyone else out there I was absolutely blindsided by this bit of news. There had been no whispers or discussions of Stoops considering retirement and the Sooners are coming off yet another successful season with Stoops at the helm in Norman. They recently inked Lincoln Riley to a long term deal, Baker Mayfield is returning to lead one of the best offenses in college football, and the Sooners have a Top 25 recruiting class that includes a five star offensive tackle in Brey Walker. Life is looking pretty sweet for the Sooners these days. I say all of that to say that the timing of this all doesn’t make one lick of sense to me no matter any way I try to spin it in my mind. Is something we all aren’t aware of coming down the pipe in Norman? Stoops said in his release that this decision wasn’t healthy related, so what gives? Some are reporting that Stoops has been grooming Riley for this day for some time now, but even then why make that decision NOW? Also if I’m Oklahoma, skipping the interim tag and naming Riley the new head ball coach is a dicey proposition in my opinion. While he has been very successful as the offensive coordinator in Norman, we are talking about a guy who is about to take on his first heading coaching gig at the ripe age of 33. Being the head coach is a heck of a lot different than being the play caller, and you are giving him the keys to the kingdom at a blue blood program with zilch head coaching experience? That’s very bold. A job like Oklahoma would no doubt attract all kinds of resumes if they opted for the interim route and a national search after the season, but then again I’m not running the show in Norman. My guess is that they have a ton of faith in Riley being able to learn on the job and be able to battle the volleys of negative recruiting that is about to be sent at him. Speaking of recruiting, I would be lying if I said that wasn’t one of the first things that came to my mind when this news broke. Oklahoma has already suffered some hits and defections on the recruiting trail at the hands of Tom Herman and Texas, and they still have several mutual targets that are uncommitted at this time. The big question is how this is going to impact current Sooner commits and the guys they are currently after, but right now it is too early to tell as everyone is still trying to make sense of everything. I mentioned Brey Walker earlier and while there hasn’t been anything to report between him and Texas, you can almost guarantee a phone call will be placed to gauge interest with the way Texas has been forcing Oklahoma to play defense on recruits within their borders. Many have asked about four star RB TJ Pledger previously, and despite him seeming to be out of the loop based on his initial response on Twitter, I’m not sure what Texas’ interest level is with Keaontay Ingram now in the boat. An uncommitted prospect to keep an eye on would be four star defensive end Ronnie Perkins out of Lutheran North in St. Louis. Perkins holds a Texas offer and they recently landed another St. Louis product in Ayodele Adeoye. Perkins is a stud and is at a position of need for the Longhorns, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to push there as well. One thing that I saw mentioned during the tweet storm was that regional schools like LSU and now Oklahoma are about to be breaking in first year head coaches and you have another in Texas A&M who could be shopping for a new head coach later this year if things don’t get turned around in short order. With the way things are trending right now for Tom Herman and Texas that puts them in an enviable position if they end up winning games this fall. Speaking of this fall, we have gone from seeing a Tom Herman/Bob Stoops rematch in the Cotton Bowl to seeing both Texas and Oklahoma having first year head coaches making their debut in the Red River Shootout (I’m still calling it that). When is the last time that happened in the history of the rivalry? This is one hell of a plot twist on one of the best rivalries in college football.
  22. Effective immediately. Lincoln Riley taking over. This is not a drill, guys.
  23. In 2 years Herman is 22-4. 2015: Herman beat 9th ranked FSU in first year at the Peach Bowl. 2016: Beat ou and demolished Louisville both which ranked #3 at the time. So his 28th ranking is disrespectful even though he has only coached 2 years. He is undefeated against top 25 teams (6-0) in those 2 years, and 3-0 against top 10 teams. Granted he has some eye opening losses such as SMU but still you cant discount his BIG game wins. I call BS on his 28th ranking. I cant wait for this season its been years since I have been this excited the season to start. 1-25 http://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/ranking-the-top-25-power-five-college-football-coaches-entering-the-2017-season/ 26-65 http://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/2017-college-football-coach-rankings-power-five-coaches-ranked-65-26/
  24. Reese Leitao's scholarship will be honored by a Texas and he will join the team on campus this summer per Mike Perrin.
  25. It has been reported that Erick Fowler is no longer on the team. First reported by Eric Nahlin of InsideTexas. The AD could not confirm the dismissal of Erick Fowler at this time. If true: Another big loss of the Texas defensive depth chart with the loss of Erick Fowler. He was quite talented. He was playing ILB and had a shot at having a good amount of playing time. The new trio at ILB will likely be Wheeler, Johnson, and Hager. For those who remember the 2016 cycle, Erick Fowler barely made it to campus, and it was a small miracle that he did. Reports coming out state that he was unreliable, meaning always late and missing events.
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