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  1. They shouldn’t have anything to do with each other. IMO one is not equivalent to the other. Harzell and CDC are desperately trying to find a way out of this mess. I don’t think they will keep the song long term without yet another concession to the lack athletes. It was only a suggestion floating in the air that they allow the black national anthem to be able to save the eyes. Honestly I think things should stay as they have been but know too well the administrations track record with the woke project.
  2. The whole situation has been handle so poorly by those in leadership that both the athletes and the university have sufferer a black eye from to the eyes controversy and we are no closer to seeing this issue solved than when the group of athletes first made their demands to the administration due to their feelings that there is racial injustice at UT. This is what I pulled from an article that outlines their requests, demands, or whatever you believe them to be. 1. Donating 0.5% of the department's annual earnings to the Black Lives Matter movement and black organizations. 2. Es
  3. The timing of the hire would be important for filling out our recruiting class for next year. Make no mistake about it if Urban Meyer is hired by UT it will cause a seismic shift in the college football landscape with regards to recruiting and every other metric of the college football landscape. It will be that significant of a hire.
  4. Disciple definition: follower or student of a teacher, leader, or philosopher. Discipline definition: the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. I don't want to get too philosophical with this but their are parallels between the head coach, the football program and these two definitions. Their truly is no discipline for the sake of feelings or fear that someone will be offended. Since when did a leader ever consider that? A true leader knows the mission, lays our the plan to achieve the goal and expects ever
  5. What I was going for with this topic was more to the timing of the TH firing and how that would impact recruiting. Also, if a deal with Urban cannot be had who would be the #2 guy and how quick would we need to fill the position so as not to harm recruiting. My moves are as follows: 1. CDC fires TH now but contacts each recruit to have ask them to refrain from making any rash decision with their recruitment. 2. Do a deal UM if it is humanly possible. If not use CIA mind control technical to make him say yes. Just kidding. 3. Announce that Chris Ash will be interim
  6. Lets assume you are CDC playing a game of chess. The chess board is the University of Texas, The pieces are the head coach, staff, football program, recruiting, BMD's, The Eyes of Texas, and the fans. At your discretion you can assign who is who on the board for this scenario. Let's say your king is in trouble. What is the move that you would make to protect the king which is a defensive posture and then to win the game which is an offensive posture? You have to play the percentages out in your mind as some moves don't have guaranteed outcomes. A certain amount of risk and strategy
  7. IMO it’s not an issue with. He is Ash. Our guys while they are highly rated and experienced they are not developed. This has been my main gripe with Texas coaching staff the past 4 years. If you cannot teach to a point where improvement by each player is being made it’s like starting over from scratch. I agree that there is no excuse but the lack of player development over the past 3-4 years means it’s like starting at year 1 all over again. Time is not on our side. It all starts at the top IMO and a team is a reflection of the head. Nough said.
  8. Yes. CDC spoke to the team on Wednesday morning. Now why would the AD have to relay the eyes Ike’s to the team? Answer. Because the head coach never did. TH did not want to be the bad guy. This feeds in the the later post that I did about Herman deflecting to make himself a hero if only to the team. He basically said screw CD, and screw the fans. I I just now remembered in his Monday presser following the loss to TCU if I remember correctly that the tradition of the eyes was still in tact but some have opted not participate. A question was asked again about the eyes and TH responded wi
  9. Tell me if I am becoming too cynical. Could TH purposely be using the eyes issue as a means to save face for a future coaching job? He is by all accounts the master of deflection. What if he in order to have an excuse if he does get fired wanted to use the eyes issue to say he stood up against racism and stood up for his players and that is what really cost him his job. This would take the focus off of his coaching failures. He could say that he was only insubordinate for the sake of the woke cause. I’m sure some school would think that heroic and hired him for that alone. TH seems to p
  10. The only way TH gets fired sooner rather than later will depend on 2 things. The anger level of the BMD’s and the anger level of CDC. The donors are like the fans with regards to the team and the eyes. But after what I have read CDC might be so pissed that Herman has been insubordinate regarding the eyes and creating the crap storm that he might well be willing to cut him loose. It’s pretty crappy of Herman to make CDC be the bad guy so he can be the hero to his players. In TH Monday presser he stuck it in CDC’s face yet again by saying he would encourage his players to participate in the
  11. Lmao are you sure we aren’t married to the same woman?
  12. Why would I hate your post? I hope to hell it happens as quick as you say.
  13. All of this Urban Meyer talk has me cautiously optimistic just like I have the last 10 years. Absolutely he is the man but it’s more everyone’s hope and desire than a real possibility. Don’t want to bring anyone down but trying to curb my expectations of him actually becoming the coach for UT. It just seems like it’s so much the right move to make that we just won’t make it. Let’s all remember how the past decade has gone and how we have all had to deal with the disappointment of being irrelevant. Until Herman is fired our hopes are nothing but an exercise in futility.
  14. Chris Peterson is a great coach no doubt about it. My concern would be does he have what it takes to take on UT? He seems to be mild mannered and shows little emotion. I just don’t know if someone without fire in their mouth and belly can succeed. Texas is a very unique place and it takes a very unique coach to deal with it. Who is to say he would not be great? From what I have read he was tired of the grind of being a head coach. If true he would hate being the top doh at this university.
  15. I agreed that him surviving this for the rest of the season seems impossible. We as fans are looking from the outside in. Unfortunately the decisions are made from the inside out. Generally I don't bring this up because people tend to get irritated if you name drop or share what seems to be insider information. Let me be clear that I am only a fan nothing more or less. Last year I emailed the athletic department about my concerns with TH as the coach and the constant deflections and winning is really really hard crap. I received an email back from the athletic department asking for

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